Realistic, Gentle “Better Me” Goals for 2024

We are not huge proponents of New Year’s resolutions—often unrealistic, unattainable measures that, if one does not achieve, makes them feel like a failure. We punish ourselves enough; let’s get away from being our worst critic. We are all about a more gentle, realistic, and individual approach that will yield better results. Instead of a wide-ranging general goal, such as, “lose weight” or “save more money”, set up small, incremental steps that move you towards the main objective: “walk for 30 minutes twice a week for four weeks” or “set up Auto Transfer for $25/week”. As you reach these milestones, you have the option to step it up as you feel necessary and comfortable with. Here is a list of many ideas!

Your Physical Self

  • Make your medical and dental appointments this month—annual physical, OB/GYN, mammogram, dentist, specialists, etc. Their calendars will be wide open, and that is one major item off your checklist. Next step up: schedule the rest of your family’s appointments for the year.
  • Sleep is so important, and yet so many have a tough time getting enough. Check out these tried-and-true methods of resetting your sleep schedule.
  • Looking to drink less? Buy canned wine or cocktails instead of bottles—easier to stick to just one and to keep track of how many you’ve had. Store them in the garage, where you have to go out and get one, instead of the fridge. Stock up on the many new non-alcoholic yummy drinks out there. Take it up a notch by drinking water with a citrus slice instead—you get double points for less alcohol and more hydration!

Your Mental Health

  • Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, while also helping with focus and well-being. The NY Times has a super guide on the best meditation apps.
  • Want to get back into reading again? This is definitely one of my goals. Treat yourself to a few old school, paper books—save money buy buying them second-hand, or even better, borrow from the library. Why not an e-book? So many reasons a paper book is better for you than an e-book, as outlined by the Junior Library Guild.
  • Are there things you are struggling with? Has this past year been especially tough? Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed all the time, or anxious and sad? It could be time to seek professional help. With most mental health professionals now providing a virtual session option, it’s even easier to get that help from the comfort of your own space.

Your Personal Connections

  • Resolve to do regular date nights with your partner. Schedule a sitter, make reservations or buy tickets, check the weather. Do what you need to do to make sure you and your special person get a few hours together out of the house, and doing something fun and enjoyable.
  • Remember all those Zoom happy hours with friends and family from afar? No reason to have stopped! Propose a regular Zoom with your far away old college gang, playgroup pals, or neighbors, even if it’s only every other month. Connections are important and not to be taken for granted.
  • Family life is busy, especially when your kids are young and active with sports, music, and friends. While they’re still at home, make the most of it. Find empty spots in your calendar and schedule family time that includes everyone. It can be a simple pizza and movie night, or going to a favorite spot for good food and then games at home. Believe me, when they are off to college or adulting somewhere not so near, these moments will stay with you forever.

Your Time

Your Home

  • Create a less-formidable cleaning schedule. An example: A friend of mine splits up her home into three sections—bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen/living spaces. She cleans one section every Sunday morning, spending 2-3 hours each time. Pro tip: Enlist your kiddos and partner, and it’ll be easier and quicker.
  • Feeling in a rut about your meals? Cook one new item every one or two weeks. After a few months you will likely have several new items to add to your repertoire.
  • Is tech taking over your home? Set goals to do some tech decluttering, and lighten that electronic load. We’ve got two great articles that could start you off: Cleaning and Organizing Your Computer Desktop, and Organizing Your Devices.


Other thoughts for the New Year, if you’re looking to level up:

We hope these ideas help you with some goals you are looking to achieve this year. The whole idea is to get to your “Better Me” state without adding even more stress and work for yourself. A happy, relaxed you will definitely be better!


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