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Julie arrived on time with all the necessary equipment to help me clear out my garage. She helped me sort, organize and let go of things we no longer use, and created so much more room. Can't believe how much we accomplished in just a few hours. She then loaded up her van and disposed of the garbage and donated the rest. Fabulous to regain all of the extra space. I would highly recommend!
Andrea V.
Home Organizing
Denise has been to our house several times now. The amount of clutter has become so overwhelming that we felt like we needed some help. Denise has been so amazing. She works so efficiently and quickly. She helps you decide what you need and how to organize it wisely so that it doesn't go back to the way it was. She has helped us with closets, my daughter's room, kitchen pantries, drawers, cabinets and fridge. She also helped with the playroom and our garage is next. She gives us so much motivation as well to do things ourselves, as things are not so overwhelming anymore, and you actually know where to start! She is also so patient, not just with us, but also with our kids (and interrupting pets!). She is also super ADHD friendly, understands the struggles and the weak points and has great and creative ideas how to help. I warmly recommend Denise and her company, just money well spent!
Lee O.
ADHD-Supportive Home Organizing
I can't emphasize enough what a positive experience this was. Before working with this company, we had near-daily challenges such as kids not being able to find their shoes and jackets. Cleaning up the house was very difficult because of all the clutter. Now our home is beautifully organized, and daily routines are much easier. There are no more last minute struggles to find jackets or homework, because there is a place for everything. I feel like the investment in working with Simplify Experts has been much more valuable than any other home related project I could imagine.
Andrea U.
Home Organizing
I confidently refer my real estate clients to Simplify Experts as THE BEST organizational support in the entire Puget Sound Area.
Mel P.
Working with Simplify Experts is one of the best decisions I have ever made. After I moved into a new apartment, I realized that if I didn't get help, I would be living in a mountain of packed boxes pretty much forever. I was very nervous for the first session, but Charissa and Julie have been nothing short of amazing. They've helped me move furniture, declutter, and find places for things that I can actually keep up with. They are very active when they come to work with me, and respectful when I get overwhelmed or need to take a break. They have significantly improved my quality of life and I am very grateful. If you are someone who struggles with clutter, cleanliness, organization, getting rid of things, or anything in that sphere, I recommend Simplify Experts wholeheartedly.
Katie C.
Moving and Home Organizing
My filing system was arranged for speed and efficiency. I am a senior and the labels are the right size and cleverly organized to suit my needs. Denise has agreed to come back and help me organize my pictures. I meticulously researched the internet to find the best organizer and it paid off.
Joan S.
Paper and Photo Organizing
Denise was incredibly responsive, friendly, and professional. Her expertise in organizing shone through as she tackled several disorganized areas of my apartment with smart solutions and product suggestions. She categorized, cleared out, and maximized spaces efficiently. Denise transformed my cluttered spaces into tranquil and functional ones and explained her methods to maintain her systems long-term—all with a supportive attitude and a sense of humor. Highly recommended Denise and her company for a top-notch organization service!
Valeriya K.
Home Organizing
Before working with Simplify Experts, I didn't think I could ever get organized. They helped me with time management, clearing out the mental and physical clutter. I have purged all of the unnecessary items in my life and continue to downsize. I work with them whenever I need to organize a new area of my life. I can't say enough how much I love working with Simplify Experts. I have worked with three different organizers and they all have come well trained. My mental health was in good hands with Simplify Experts.
Arlene P.
It's so great to work with a consistent, trusted group of individuals. The leadership exhibited at each encounter is excellent. Over the past 3-4 months I have been working with Charissa. I highly recommend her for helping you with your organizing needs. She is personable and anticipates your needs—creating beautiful space leaves one with a relaxed, stressless feeling.
Peggy J.
Home Organizing
Working with Denise was like inviting a magician into my home. She didn't just organize my room; she transformed it. Denise brings a great vibe to the process—supportive, nonjudgmental, and incredibly skilled at helping you make those tough decluttering decisions. Her knack for creating harmony out of chaos has truly made my space feel like a sanctuary again. If you're looking for someone to help you get organized, I couldn't recommend Denise more highly. A genuinely magical experience!
Claire B.
Home Organizing
If I could give 6 stars, I would. Charissa and April did two days with me in my space and it made all the difference in the world. Things got away from me and I just needed a reset. They came in and worked like dynamos. My house is back to no-clutter, organized and cleaned. Now I can maintain all this goodness. Highly recommend. Thank you for all of your help!
Phinny Z.
Home Organizing
I have have worked with Simplify Experts since 2013. They are the reason my paperwork is not out of control, and my closets make me happy to look at. If you need help to make your home feel calm and clear, hire them!
Jane T.
Paper Organizing
I've used Simplify Experts multiple times and they are absolute lifesavers. I had several areas that I needed help with but had no idea where to start. Made an initial appointment for a consultation and we went through my entire home. Opened all the drawers, kitchen cabinets, closets, files etc...and was asked if any area/areas was a priority for me. I had an area that I wanted to tackle first. We made an appointment for two organizers to come to my home for 3 hours. They showed up a few minutes early and we went right to work. In 3 hours we accomplished what I could not on my own for years! When they leave they'll drop off any donations at goodwill (and send you donation slip) they take your shredding to a company for shredding. After they left I immediately felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I've had them back multiple times to help me tackle several areas. You work with them and they ask if it's ok to get to donate, trash etc. I was so comfortable about an hour in the first visit, that I delegated decision making to one of the organizers so I could work in another area of my house with the other.
Julie P.
Home Organizing
If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I was in the middle of a divorce and needing to sell my house and move my girls and me into an apartment. I was very overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. I called Simplify Experts and [they] came to my rescue. She got my house organized and ready to put on the market and she got me moved AND set up in my new apartment within a matter of days. What took her a matter of days would have would have taken me months. She is efficient, compassionate and incredibly good at what she does. Now that I am settled in my new apartment she is helping me build my life as a single mom with budgeting help and overall life skills. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today if I hadn't had [them] to help me.
Leslie K.
Downsizing and Moving
Highly recommend! Not only did Simplify Experts help sort through so much stuff in record time, they took all the extra with them to donate/recycle/trash when they left. My apartment feels 1000% lighter and my papers are 100% more manageable thanks to Denise's expertise. 2 people X 3 hours = freedom!
Julia S.
Home Organizing
I can't believe how quickly my space went from overwhelming to organized and functional! I worked with Denise on my small kitchen. I'd always thought I didn't have any counter space or room to store pans, but now, it's functional, I have counter space to work, and I even have a little coffee nook! I'm also someone that has many craft items and fashion pieces. [They] did a fantastic job respecting all of my stuff. She checked in with me every step of the way and I felt very at ease working with her. Thanks to Simplify Experts, my apartment is finally becoming more of a home! I would definitely recommend anyone that is thinking of organizing their space to work with them!
Linda X.
Home Organizing
We have worked with Simplify Experts on several projects over the past few years, most recently on getting our house ready to sell. [Their] help was invaluable in downsizing our 4-bedroom home and sorting through items to donate, toss or keep. Denise gave great guidance in a session dealing with paperwork and important records.
Kathy O.
Downsizing and Moving
I love Denise and Simplify Experts! I'm amazed at how much we can get done together each session. And I feel freed up to do things I've been avoiding or wanting to get to. They help me to love my home and love being in it. I am a repeat client and will continue to be. No Brainer.
Katie G.
Home Organizing
Charissa was awesome to work with! I recommend her to anyone and everyone. This was well worth the time and financial investment. I would love to complete organizing the whole house with her and likely will, in time. She has excellent systems that she helped me implement. I've been able to maintain the organizational systems we worked on since our first appointment in March 2021. Not only are the systems great but removing all donations, electronics, and documents to shred is included in the price of the service. When the organizing is done, you don't have piles of stuff to get rid of!
Anne T.
Home Organizing
Great! I now have the use of two rooms that were filled with unnecessary papers, files, clothing, shoes, bookcases, gift wrap, etc. It's very freeing!
Kristen H.
Home Organizing
I was a single mom, desperate to help my 12 yr old son, who had just been diagnosed with ADD, as well as myself. We were both chronically disorganized and I was afraid my home disorganization was carrying thru to his school dis-organization. [Simplify Experts], quite frankly, changed our LIVES. She was so understanding, compassionate, and cut right thru the issues, while still listening to our reasoning, our fears, our challenges. We were VERY organized by the time she was done with us---in just a day EVERYTHING had it's place and she hauled everything away we didn't need....This is a team who truly specializes in listening to what you need, what you need to work for you, what your pain points are, and truly customizing solutions that work for the long term. Our maintenance appointments and spring cleanings are now practically joyful, because I love calling her and her team to come help me find my bliss---a beautifully organized home that works for our current needs.
Tara W.
ADHD-Supportive Home Organizing
I cannot recommend this company enough. Communication was excellent and the true skill and craftsmanship these women exhibited was inspiring! We had our garage and pantry organized and they exceeded all of our expectations! Nothing will make you happier than hiring simplify experts!
Morgan P.
Home Organizing
I have been able to declutter to the point that we no longer need a storage unit. Denise helped me with our storage unit and condo. She was able to help me dramatically reduce my bins of financial documents. She also has a secure service for shredding the financials that are no longer needed. She helped me: 1) have my old/dead computers/phones cleaned and recycled 2) take a lot of things I no longer want or need to be donated 3) trash the things I need to trash 4) find businesses where I can consign items that are still valuable but for which I no longer have space. She takes all of the items that are to be recycled, donated and shredded so that you do not need to do this. I was very, very pleased with this service and I thought her pricing was very reasonable for the service provided.
Suzanne M.
Paper and Home Organizing
We had an incredible experience with Simplify Experts. [They] helped us downsize, move and organize our space. I am so thankful for their attention to detail and their compassionate demeanors. If you are considering their services, know that you are moving forward with a top team who deeply cares about their clients to ensure you feel uplifted and supported throughout the process. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude, and know if you choose their services, you too will be in great hands.
Downsizing and Moving
A working mom, time is precious. After 12 years in our home, closets and garage looked like a cyclone struck! Digging through the mess was stressful & a time suck. When Simplify Experts helped us streamline, it was easy, efficient and most importantly, life-changing! They worked 1:1 with each daughter & taught them organization skills they'll use throughout their lives....Then, when our hot water heater burst and 1/2 the house was destroyed, we didn't have to deal with damaged personal belongings; they were in clear plastic bins with easy to read labels! I deeply trust her entire team, and now that I work in elder care for Home Care Assistance, I'll be regularly referring clients that want to downsize and organize.
Nicey H.
Home Organizing
[They were] straight forward and direct with me when it came to organizing my kitchen and bedroom. I never felt judged for my mess, or items I've held onto, but rather encouraged to create a space that worked for my life right now. In fact, I felt so supported as we essentially sorted through my life and made peace with memories and times past. When she left I no longer felt ashamed of my space, and I had the motivation to get other areas of my home in shape.
Jennifer R.
Home Organizing
I’m so pleased by the experience of working with...Simplify Experts. After so long trying and failing to get our closets and unneeded items cleared out, we wanted to replace the carpet throughout the house. Since that requires moving everything out and up, I knew I needed more help pronto. Within just a couple of sessions....the house was transformed. She is so pleasant to work and converse with, but very on task (and kept me on task). We worked quickly and then she took care of the donation and sensitive document shredding deliveries. After the purging, she organized and labeled what remained in the closets and on shelves, so it will be easier for my entire family – including the kids – to maintain. Working directly with my daughter, she helped her weed through all of her “collections” to make them more manageable – a process that previously ended in fights when it was just me working with my daughter. I’m thrilled with the Simplify Experts approach and results!
Janice V.
Home Organizing

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