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Paper is one of life’s inevitables. Work and school, household management, major life events, taxes—it all seems to create so much paper. If you don’t maintain control over it, paper can overtake your spaces. File cabinets, document storage boxes, stacks of paper everywhere, unopened mail, bills, health records, financials, school forms. Has it become a challenge to find documents? Are there paper piles on multiple surfaces throughout your home? Life is busy and it’s not surprising many people get overwhelmed and stressed out with paper clutter.

To add to this, we now have an abundance of digital clutter to contend with. Managing your digital spaces is key to lowering distractions and stress, while boosting productivity and well-being. Whether it’s your messy computer desktop, your Inbox or Downloads folder, or thousands of disorganized digital photos—this is still the kind of clutter than can make one feel swamped.

Reclaim your sense of control over your documents, personal information, and digital domain. Conquer paper clutter once and for all!

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