Moving & Remodeling Organizing

Did you know moving is a top 3 life stressor?

The process of moving or remodeling is stressful in so many ways. You are getting ready for a big life transition!

  • You are managing the move while still needing to take care of your children, working, and running a household. Children may be upset by the upcoming move and you may feel the extra pressure to maintain your home at museum quality status while the house is on the market.
  • Moving requires many decisions to be made. You may need help finding a painter, handyman, or electrician to make minor repairs.
  • You want to set up a beautiful, well organized new home, but you are exhausted from the move itself. How do you know what organizing products to purchase when all your things are packed away in boxes?
  • All the boxes show up at once and you need everything settled ASAP to launch yourself in this new environment. You have small children and no time to focus on unpacking. You worry that some boxes will probably remain unpacked for a while because you will run out of time/steam.
  • You don’t like organizing and putting things away, but you want things to be organized and help your family function well. What do you do with all that stuff from childhood and college? There is so much to be done!

Moving doesn’t have to be such a burden. We are here for you.

  • We will work with your family’s specific needs to manage this transition with the least amount of stress possible.
  • We can provide packing materials and pack up your items, thus reducing your work load.
  • We can help recommend vendors for repairs.
  • We can manage your move providing a detailed spreadsheet of the location of every item you are moving.
  • We can visit your new home with you before your belongings arrive. We can shop for organizing products for you. We will unpack your belongings in an organized manner.
  • We can find the most pragmatic storage locations for all your items. Your kitchen will flow in a way that supports your family’s needs. Cabinets and drawers will be labeled so everyone knows where things belong.
  • We can organize your bedroom closets to help you get ready to tackle your day. We can recommend closet solution experts.
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I confidently refer my real estate clients to Simplify Experts as THE BEST organizational support in the entire Puget Sound Area.Mel P.

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If I could give Simplify Experts more than 5 stars I would. I was in the middle of a divorce and needing to sell my house and move my girls and me into an apartment. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I called and Simplify Experts came to my rescue. They got my house ready to put on the market and got me moved AND set up in my new apartment within a matter of days. What took them days would have would have taken me months. They are efficient, compassionate and incredibly good at what they doe. I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t had Simplify Experts to help me.Leslie K.

To purge and pack for my two most recent moves, Simplify Experts offered expert efficiency, patient professionalism, and most importantly, kindness and understanding…You won’t regret having the extra hands and valuable guidance. [They] know what they’re doing and are only too happy to maximize your investment in their services to give you the gift of more time and space to enjoy family and life.Sun Lin C.

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