50 Things to Toss When Moving (Or Just Because You Want to Declutter)

November 9, 2022
by Rebecca Renner
for Apartment Therapy


If you’re about to move, you don’t want to take everything with you—that can get heavy—and expensive. At the same time, resist the urge to toss everything out. Even if your stuff doesn’t need to travel with you, that doesn’t mean that its life is over. Sell or donate your items whenever you can.

You can also have a little more fun with it. “Host a moving-out party to use up food, booze, wine, decorations, invitations, and more,” suggests Anne Michaelsen, owner of Anne Michaelsen Design. “Even give out party favors of little things you don’t want to move! Use up wrapping paper to gift wrap these.”

I’m no Marie Kondo, but I still divided up the stuff you should get rid of into four categories: “old and used,” “it’s multiplying,” “what is that?” and “this doesn’t go there.” You will have to think about the things you use regularly and the logistics of your move—but I promise I won’t force you to have strong feelings about your toaster.

The old and used

Be honest with yourself: You have stuff that stopped being useful when the Rachel haircut was still in style. Now that you’re moving, it’s time to reassess. Nix the things that are actually trash. Recycle or re-home other stuff when you can.


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