Dad’s Faves: A Father’s Day Gift Guide for Every Budget and Personality

Our annual Father’s Day gift guide has ideas for almost every kind of dad out there, at every budget level. Have fun shopping. Remember, it’s not the gift itself, it’s the care and thought you put into it. Wishing all the dads a Happy Father’s Day!


Pro Golf Putting Mat

If Dad wants to level up his golf game, the Accelerator Pro with Ball Return will let him practice three key putt lengths with perfect strokes on a high quality true-roll putting surface. The 9′ total mat length is for use at the home or office. The hole is constructed on the upslope to provide a gravity ball return and a realistic golf course putt. What a great rainy day activity!

Secretly “Cool Dad” Hat

Let the world know he’s the coolest dad there is with subtle monochrome embroidery across this navy blue 100% cotton hat. Monochrome embroidery reads, “cool dad” across the front—so you literally have to be a foot away to read it. Because you know it, and he knows it…but he don’t gotta brag.

Personal Tabletop Smokeless Fire Pit

If Pops love the vibe of his big outdoor fire pit, he’ll love this portable one. It’s easy to move, easy to fill, and comes with its own FLIKR Fire snuff lid to quickly and easily put out your fire. Enjoy a 50-minute burn time with just 5 ounces of isopropyl alcohol, or standard rubbing alcohol, and refill as desired. This indoor/outdoor fire pit burns clean, only leaving minimal black soot where the flame directly touches. The round fire pit bowl produces minimal carbon monoxide, and is safe to use with caution in a well-ventilated area.

Master Hot Sauce Collection Sampler Set

Is Dad a big fan of the Hot Ones game show? Then he’ll go nuts over this 30 sampler set of American-made hot sauces—all vegetarian! With names like Little Miss Jalapeño, Hungry Man’s Habañero, and Hot Damn, That’s Extreme Cayenne, he’ll have fun trying out sauces that go from 5,000 to 90,400 on the Scoville Scale. Just make sure he’s got a gallon of cold milk nearby.

Moments with Dad Scratch-Off Journal

Cherish and capture every moment with Dad using an interactive, activity-filled scrapbook. 100 bucket list–type prompts, like “Visit a Planetarium” and “Go to an Arcade,” will inspire you to go on new adventures with your favorite dude. Scratch off the foil panel after completing an activity to reveal an illustration. Personalize the pages with your photos, notes, and other memories.

ThermoBall™ Traction Water Resistant Slipper

He’s going to be the coolest Dad walking to the mailbox with these inside/outside North Face slippers. A durable ripstop upper and high-traction rubber tread bring both indoor and outdoor practicality to a water-resistant slipper lined with PrimaLoft® insulation. The collapsible heel makes it easy to slide on for morning coffee or stroll to the kids’ bus stop.

Ridge Wallet

How cool will Papa be when he pulls out his wallet to buy you a boba tea, and it’s this bad boy? Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, this lightweight wallet holds 1-12 cards without stretching out. It’s RFID-blocking to prevent wireless theft, scratch resistant, and comes with a lifetime warranty. So many colors, designs, and customizations, too!

LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine

“Are you telling me…you built a time machine?!” This LEGO set is 1.21 gigawatts of fun! 1872 pieces, including Doc and Marty, will create a highly detailed DeLorean, down to the Flux Capacitor. Put the VHS tape in…I mean, stream it on the telly, and start assembling. Can’t think of a better weekend activity (unless you are going to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance).

The Executioner Electronic Bug Killer Racket

Simply press the button and swing, and once the bug touches the screen it will be instantly zapped, unlike the 3 layer rackets who often have to try several times to get a zap because of the dead outer layers. Dad can take it to the backyard, camping, fishing. He can work on his tennis or racquetball swing AND kill vermin at the same time…win-win!

Kolkata Chai Starter Kit

Is Pop new to this whole chai thing? This tea has rave reviews everywhere for its taste, authenticity, fair trade practices, and sustainability. The starter kit has everything you need to start making fresh cups of chai at home in minutes.

Personal Library Kit

What a nostalgic, retro gift for the bookworm Dad! Revive old-fashioned library circulation techniques for fun and book retention with this kit. Includes self-adhesive pockets, circulation cards, and date stamp/ink pad. Now he can lend his beloved books out with more that it’ll actually come back.

And the ultimate gift for the man who has too much: an organizing gift certificate! This could help him get his office, garage, shed, collections, sports equipment, books, memorabilia, etc., pared down and organized.


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