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Declutter & Thrive

Overcoming 6 Common Disorganization Types to Reveal Your Best You

In Declutter and Thrive, Denise Allan and Vlasta Hillger pair real-life client stories with actionable insights central to overcoming six common disorganization behavior types:

The Power Shopper with closets and cupboards so full they won’t close.
The Paper Magnet
whose paper and mail piles are literally falling over.
The Inspired Hobbyist
who can’t create despite volumes of materials.
The Caregiver
who’s put everything on hold to care for a loved one.
The Easily Distracted
who struggles with an overwhelming to-do list.
The Overburdened Employee
whose disorganization at work is impacting their career.

Are you ready to conquer your clutter and live life to its fullest?

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