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In addition to our five core focus areas, we also do (click to expand):

Photo Organization

Simplify Experts works with you one on one to organize your physical and digital photos. We help you sort and organize your physical photos into archival quality containers. We can also help you scan physical photos. We can help you sort and organize your digital photos and assist you with back-up options. Imagine creating your legacy through organized photos!

Entertaining and Holiday Preparation Services

Preparing for holidays and big events can seem overwhelming. Simplify Experts professional organizers can assist with home decoration and events set-up. Once your event or holiday has passed, the professional organizer will return to help you de-decorate, pack up the decorations and return your home to its natural state. With our help, you will be able to enjoy yourself without worrying or stress.

Organized Home Maintenance

For those individuals or families who would benefit from ongoing organizing assistance, we offer our Organized Home Maintenance Plan. We create a custom plan for a professional home organizer to visit your home at specified intervals during the year. During these visits, the professional organizer gathers your feedback about your organizing systems and adjust as well as freshen up existing organizing systems. You can also use these appointments to tackle specific problem areas in your home. If your paper filing has fallen behind, you can use your maintenance appointment to catch up. If you are planning a large event, you can use your maintenance appointment to organize your home and get it ready for the event. If you would like to freshen up your home after the start of the school year, you can use a maintenance plan appointment for that too. It’s up to you! Our goal is to provide you with year-round access to organizing service that help you maintain the standard of home maintenance you desire!

All the boxes of photos in the closets and under beds got to me. I wanted to view and appreciate the images not let the dust bunnies hang with them. We have had great family experiences and it brings me pleasure to view them easily on my computer knowing they have all been scanned and are easily retrievable.Alice C.

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