Moving? 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Help from a Professional Organizer

Whatever the reason for your move, the process of moving is at once exciting and overwhelming. You may be managing a long to do list to get your home ready for sale. During the moving process, it can feel like a thousand different pieces are moving at the same time, all in addition to the demands of your daily life.
Working with Simplify Experts, we can help with every step, manage the move and make the packing and unpacking process easier and less stressful. Your move will be faster, smoother, and your new home will start out well organized whether you’re moving down the street or across the country.

Working with a professional organizer during the moving process has many benefits:

1. We will work with you to decide what items will go to your new home or storage. We will save you time by taking away donations, recycling and scheduling donation or disposal of large items.
2. We can bring packing boxes, bubble wrap and wrapping paper saving you time and energy.
3. We can supply specialty packing supplies. Dish packing kits can help protect against breakage. Wardrobe boxes allow you to keep your clothes on hangers.
4. Need to know which items are in which box?  We will carefully itemize the contents of your moving boxes. In complex situations, we can provide a spreadsheet detailing the contents and location of your moving boxes.   We can be there on moving day to help direct the distribution of boxes.
5. A new home is a new beginning! We can unpack and organize your belongings in your new home to get your family settled quickly.  And you can be having your coffee the next morning in your new kitchen without a box in sight!
6. We can create and implement the organization plan in your new home, improving the functionality and starting you off on the right foot!

Simplify Experts will help you get organized to move, but we do leave the heavy lifting to the professional movers. Need a referral or suggestions on a moving or cleaning company?  We can help with that too!


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