25 Things to Declutter in February

February in the Pacific Northwest is a cold, wet, and dreary time, and those of us who have lived here long enough have learned how to just push through it! Take your vitamin D, use your HappyLight therapy lamp—and if you are able to—book a quick jaunt to a sunny destination for a few days. In the meantime, may as well feel productive at home. We are big advocates of February decluttering. After you’ve cleared out some stuff, reward yourself with a bit of hibernation and some hygge because you got something done! Here’s a list of 25 simple things you can declutter in February.

  1. Reading material
    • Books – If you need help with this, here’s our guide.
    • Magazines
    • Catalogs
    • Newspapers
    • Junk emails – Don’t just hit DELETE; do double-duty and hit UNSUBSCRIBE as well.
  2. Discs – Say bye to the ones just collecting dust in a corner of your home, or taking up space in your garage. Try selling them to a record store!
    • CDs
    • DVDs
    • Blu-Rays
    • Records
  3. Stuff on your kitchen counters – Declutter all the random items that shouldn’t occupy valuable real estate on your kitchen counter.
  4. Junk drawer – You can keep your junk drawer (we all have one!), but declutter it so you can actually find things.
  5. Mugs and glasses – Say bye to anything chipped, unused, or unloved.
  6. Dishes and bowls – Same as #6.
  7. Food storage containers – Get rid of items that don’t have lids, or are stained/cracked/smelly.
  8. Serverware – If you have not used something this past year, time to bless it onto someone else.
  9. Refrigerator magnets and papers – Recycle old flyers, cards, etc.; anything that doesn’t need to be posted there.
  10. Empty boxes – Recycle these; more will come.
  11. Shopping bags – You don’t need bags and bags filled with bags; keep a few of different sizes, and recycle the rest.
  12. Medications – Check expiry dates on both OTC and prescriptions. Here’s how to discard safely.
  13. Makeup and skincare – Once you open that bottle or tube, the clock begins to tick. Here’s a great guide on expiry times.
  14. Kids’ art and schoolwork – Keep some, recycle most.
  15. Writing utensils – Go through all the pens in the kitchen, your home office, the kids’ study area, and toss dried up/empty ones.
  16. Plug-in stash – If you want to go whole hog and declutter your electronics, here’s how.
    • Extension cords
    • Nightlights
    • Electric timers
    • Old chargers
  17. Coat hangers – Kid-sized hanger, tie hangers, scarf hangers; donate the ones you don’t use.
  18. User manuals – Manuals for appliances or electronics you no longer have, kids’ toys’ manuals, etc.
  19. Games and card decks – Games that are still playable can be donated; old unusable card decks can be recycled.
  20. Music sheets and songbooks – Whether you play the piano or the tuba, recycle old music that isn’t played anymore.
  21. Workout equipment – Weights, mats, kettlebells, rollers; these can all be donated if they are no longer in use.
  22. Workout clothing – Go through these and set aside items that no longer fit, are too worn, or are just not your thing anymore. Donate or recycle.
  23. Socks – Declutter the whole family’s socks and set aside anything outgrown, holey, or just not used anymore.
  24. Undergarments – Same as #23.
  25. Stuffies and plushies – Little fuzzy pals your kids have outgrown can be donated and loved elsewhere.

If you declutter several of these in February, imagine how cleared out and lighter your home will feel when March hits! It will make spring cleaning easier, that’s for sure. Not sure where to donate or give all your decluttered stuff? Read on:


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