13 Lesser-Known Places to Donate After Decluttering

January 1, 2023
by Brittney Morgan and Trisha Sprouse
from apartment therapy


Decluttering your home is just plain good for the soul. For starters, getting rid of any superfluous items tends to bring more harmony into your space, since it leaves you with a more curated collection of belongings that you know you need. But there’s a more meaningful benefit as well.

That purse or bag you no longer want could be the very same one somebody else has been coveting but couldn’t afford. Same goes for the blazer that helped you ace an interview in the past. Purging your possessions presents you with the opportunity to pass your belongings onto someone else who may need and appreciate them more.

While you’ve probably dropped off items at a local Goodwill or Salvation Army donation center before, there are a number of other organizations that could also use your support. In fact, there are many charities that specialize in specific categories of merchandise, whether it’s professional attire that helps women who are facing poverty find jobs or eyeglasses that aid people without access to vision care.

So the next time you find yourself in the midst of an organizational overhaul, consider donating to the following companies to ensure your unwanted goods are going to those who will get the maximum amount of benefit from them.

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