What to Do More or Less of For A Better New Year

Most folks look at the start of a New Year as a chance for a bit of a reset. Nobody wants to say the dirty “R” word (you know…resolutions…shhh). Instead, we’ll focus on simple things we can do more or less of, that will have a bigger, more positive impact all around.

1. Say “No” more.

Are you dreading the next time your friend asks you to pet-sit? Then say “no” next time they ask. It’s okay to say no to doing something you really don’t want to. Explain why, but don’t feel like you have to apologize profusely for it. Your friend won’t stop being your friend because you can’t do this favor for them.

2. Buy less.

Ask yourself some key questions before you click that PURCHASE button. “Can I live without it?” “Do I already have something similar?” “If I walk away for 10 minutes, will I come back for it?” Get a downloadable shopping guide to help you slow down your purchases.

3. Ask for help more.

There is no shame or guilt in needing help. Ask for the support you need, whether it’s a break from the kids, some guidance on a complex project, or help with yard work. And if it’s mental health support you need, talk to your loved ones or your doctor about finding appropriate resources.

4. Smile more.

With much less mask-wearing these days, it’s been lovely to see people’s faces again. Smile more—it feels nice and doing so can actually lift up your spirits!

5. Multi-task less.

Yes, sometimes it’s great to have several things going at once and you feel so productive and accomplished. But sometimes it’s just as satisfying to focus on one thing at a time and really put all your efforts into that one task.

6. Explore more.

Even with all the chaos and noise in the world, there is always beauty, and quiet, and newness. “Explore” gives way to a whole spectrum of experiences. You could travel to a different state or continent, or just check out a neighborhood or trail you haven’t been to. Heck, go to a new-to-you garden nursery or museum. Just get out of the house, out of your rut, and see what’s out there.

7. Rest more.

Relax + refresh + recover = rest. We all need to do this more. To allow ourselves a rest. It is absolutely not laziness to stop, cease to engage, and have a quiet moment. You deserve it!

8. Complain less.

The past few years have led many of us to reprioritize elements in our lives and realize what and who are most important and vital. Let the small annoyances go, and complain less about the little things.

9. Keep in touch more.

Let’s remember what it was like during the pandemic when we couldn’t visit our special people in person. We have all done our fair share of virtual get-togethers and connected with many through a screen. Stay connected, stay in touch, and keep those lines of communication open with your people—virtually or in-person.

10. Appreciate more.

There is always so much to be grateful for. Appreciate what you already have, instead of thinking about what you don’t have. You are likely much luckier than you think.


Go into the New Year with these 10 simple “more of/less of” mantras, and start off optimistic, fresh, and energized!


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