Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Mom

If you have a mom or mom-figure in your life, celebrate her on this day (and really, any day) with something unique and different. Flowers and chocolates are always a hit, but this year is a good one to take it up a notch. Moms have been quarantining, social-distancing, working from home, schooling from home, cooking umpteen meals, and basically…momming more than usual. Show her how special she is and gift her with something that gives her something fun to try out, elevates her chillaxation time, and won’t add clutter.

1. For the Mom who can’t get a good night’s sleep

Weighted blankets are a thing now—and for good reason. That extra heft is therapeutic and calming, and has been shown to help people sleep through the night by relieving both stress and anxiety. Cnet rates the Layla Blanket highly, and we like the price tag and 120-night money-back guarantee.

2. For the Mom who’s really into puzzles and mysteries

These murder mystery jigsaw puzzles are the bomb! “Each puzzle includes a short mystery, and all a puzzler has to do is READ the story, ASSEMBLE the puzzle, and then SOLVE the mystery. Each 1,000 piece puzzle creates a 23” x 29” clue-filled image—that does not match the image on the box!” We’re totally sold.

3. For the Mom who needs new “going out” clothes

Like many of us this past year, the moms in your lives probably bought mostly comfy clothes for lounging, working from home, or getting fit at home. With things opening up, though, moms will be back enjoying the world! Help her spruce up that wardrobe with a clothing subscription that offers personal styling, no matter what your size, look, or budget: Nordstrom Trunk Club and Stitch Fix are two of the most popular.

4. For the Mom whose kids are grown and flown

This cute, weathered signpost is personalized just for your family! It would look lovely in any garden or yard, and can be ordered with 3 to 6 signs. What a sweet reminder for any mom whose kiddos live distances away.

5. For the bookworm Mom who has little room for more books

If your Mom is a huge reader but is trying to keep down the number of books taking up space in her home, the Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent solution. It’s thin, light, and waterproof, reads like real paper even in bright sunlight, comes in four colors, and even has an ad-free version. Really looking to spoil her? Add in an Audible subscription!

6. For the Mom who loves staycations

Some Moms are all about exploring their own surroundings—help her out with gift cards, tickets, or memberships to local places! Museums, zoos, aquariums, walking tours—so much to do in your own city. Make it a whole day affair with a restaurant visit, too. Looking to super spoil her? Add a night at a cool boutique hotel she’d never spend the money on (you know she is worth it!). Bonus points for supporting local businesses, who are just starting to recover!

7. For the Mom who keeps misplacing her things

If your busy Mom is always looking for her keys, phone, notebook, remote—anything, really—consider gifting her Tile. It’s a bluetooth tracker that you can clip or insert or stick to an item, and the Tile app on your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone will help you find it. You can also set it up with a Smart Home device and ask it to find the item for you. So Jetsons-like!

8. For the Mom who has a big love of learning

For $15/month, bring renowned experts from all areas into Mom’s home for an amazing class. With a MasterClass  subscription, the likes of Alice Waters, Amy Tan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bobbi Brown, and Stephen Curry—just to name a few—can be streamed into your Mom’s home. She can watch whenever she likes; even download it and watch offline. Mom can watch on her desktop, phone, or TV. Every class comes with a downloadable PDF workbook, and new classes are added monthly.

9. For the Mom who adores looking at photos

Set this digital photo frame up at Mom’s place, and then anyone with the Frameo app and the login to her account can send photos and short videos to the photo frame from anywhere in the world. So easy, quick, and wonderful to send her photos anytime and from wherever you are! High-definition LCD panel, touch screen, and auto-rotation, along with adjustments for brightness and sleep mode. Mom will absolutely love seeing everyone’s photos, and there is no more worry about printing them out, sending them by mail, or putting them in a photo album.


We hope this fun list inspires you to go out of the box for this year’s Mother’s Day gift!