Why Hire A Professional Organizer to Help With a Move or Remodel?

We are truly proud that Simplify Experts has helped thousands of clients across the Puget Sound with their home decluttering and organizing needs over the past 14 years. Many don’t realize, however, the large number of clients we have also helped with their moving and remodeling needs. It’s true! Professional organizers can help make this major life event less stressful, more streamlined, and yes, more cost-effective! A recent survey showed moving as the top stressor in life events, with 43% saying they’d never do it again. Still not sure why you should hire a professional organizer with your move or remodel? Read on, and you may have a change of tune.

Declutter and downsize before you pack…and save money.

Moving companies generally charge by weight. They give a cost estimate using formulas to calculate the total volume of your furnishings and household items, including everything in your closets, shelves, and cabinets. If you pack it all up, have the movers take it, and then unpack, declutter, and downsize at your new home, you will have paid the movers to move things you ended up getting rid of. With one client, our organizers took about 40 black garbage bags and a dozen large boxes to the donation center, and left a good-sized mountain of random junk on the porch for a hauler to take away. Imagine if they had had the movers take all that to their new home!

We help you get rid of the big things, too.

We help you declutter and downsize much more than just books, clothing, kids’ stuff, and household items. If you are moving to a bigger or smaller home, chances are your furniture and decor needs will be changing, too. That old disassembled antique crib in the garage? Your Chippendale mahogany dining set that doesn’t go with your new, modern condo? Several pieces from your original art collection that need a new home? We can help you consign or donate these items so you have several less things to worry about.

Enjoy your new home much sooner.

When the huge truck filled with your boxes heads off to your new digs, a team of three organizers follows the movers. We are there to tell the movers where everything should be placed. We unpack all the boxes and have you cooking in a completely unpacked and set up kitchen that evening. Since we packed and labeled the boxes, we know which boxes need to go where, and what’s inside each one. You’ll be excited and pleased to have your things in your new space!

We pack and unpack your things much more thoughtfully and carefully.

Our experience allows us to help you evaluate, decide on, and then pack (or not) an item, and be able to do it more quickly and efficiently. We’ll sort through your kitchen spices, refrigerator and pantry contents, makeup, medications, and anything else that has expiry dates. Then we’ll pack or dispose of these items accordingly. We systematically pack your whole home and take extra care with fragile items—we treat your things as if they were our own, with care and respect. We’ll also bring all the packing materials, from boxes to wardrobes to tape to Sharpie pens to bubble wrap. And then we label the heck out of everything!

We unpack and put everything away systematically.

Most moving companies use a “one touch” method when unpacking. They open a box, pull out items and unwrap them, then set them on a flat surface, usually a counter or the floor. Sure, they get everything unpacked—but they do not put them away for you. We’ll figure out organizing solutions for your new home’s spaces, and get them there for your things to be placed in. We not only unpack all your items, we also put them away logically and ergonomically, organizing and systemizing as we go. You get double the service—unpacking and home organizing—in one swoop! Bonus: we haul away all the packing materials and boxes for you. We want you to love and enjoy your new space that same night.

We know the right people.

We have a plethora of resources and many years of knowledge built up on how to deal with furnishings, electronics, and various hazardous items that you may not know what to do with. We’ve got relationships with several businesses: movers, junk hauling services, shredders, electronics disposal and recycling, paint recycling, consignment shops, and estate sales coordinators. We can coordinate and schedule all these services for you, and help make Move Day as low-stress as possible.


Clients tell us that they never imagined that they could be this settled and organized in their new space so quickly. It is already leaps and bounds more organized and efficient than they were in their previous home. Real estate agents love referring clients to us—we really can make a big impact on your move. If you are remodeling, we offer all the same services and support, whether you are remodeling one room or your whole house!

A few testimonials:

  • “If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I was in the middle of a divorce and needing to sell my house and move my girls and me into an apartment. I was very overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start….[Simplify Experts] came to my rescue….got my house organized and ready to put on the market and….moved AND set up in my new apartment within a matter of days. What took her a matter of days would have would have taken me months. She is efficient, compassionate and incredibly good at what she does.” —Leslie K.
  • “To purge & pack for my 2 most recent moves, they offered expert efficiency, patient professionalism, and most importantly to me, kindness and understanding….Clearing physical spaces does wonders for uncluttering mental spaces….You won’t regret having the extra hands and valuable guidance of these professional organizers who know what they’re doing and are only too happy to maximize your investment in their services to give yourself the gift of more time and space to enjoy family and life in your newfound serenity.” —Sun Lin C.
  • “I confidently refer my real estate clients to Simplify Experts as THE BEST organizational support in the entire Puget Sound Area.” —Mel P.

If a move or remodel is in your future, don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can help. Our complimentary 1-hour consultation will get the ball rolling!


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