Mid-Winter Home Organizing Projects (Indoors, Where It’s Warm!)

It’s cold, it’s wet, and it’s oh-so-very cozy inside your warm and inviting home! This doesn’t mean there’s nothing productive to do. Mid-winter is an excellent time to tackle a few indoor home organizing projects, before the sun starts making a regular appearance and you’ll want to be outdoors. We’ve got some ideas for this—some will take only an hour or two, while a few could take a day or a weekend.

  • Outerwear – You’ve been using your outerwear for a few months now. At this point, you definitely know what you no longer need, what doesn’t fit, what’s out of style, what you just don’t like anymore, and what has a hole/tear/stain. Pop all these into a bag, place into your car, and drop it off at a donation box. 
  • Work clothes – If you’re still WFH (Working From Home) with a very small chance of going back to the office life, consider donating some of your work clothes collecting dust in the closet. Dress for Success in Seattle and the YWCA (Redmond, Everett) would love to take your gently-used professional attire for their clients. 
  • Linens – Go through each item and get rid of old, stained, or torn items. My Facebook community group (Be Neighborly Kirkland) regularly has artists and DIY-ers looking for old linens to use. They can also be donated at a fabric drive.
  • Nightstand – Go through all items on top, as well as any drawers or shelves. Books you’ve finished, dried-up lip balm, dead batteries, old remote controls, empty tissue packets, etc. Nightstands tend to collect right-before-sleep detritus, and could use a regular clean-out.
  • Dresser – Take out all the clothing in your dresser, and check each item for wear and tear, fit, and style. If you haven’t worn it in a year, donate or recycle it. Fold what remains and return it (you can even do it like Marie Kondo, if you like).
  • Jewelry box – You may or may not have received some bling-bling as a holiday gift. Either way, an annual paring down of your jewelry is a super way to weed out pieces that are broken, out of style, or missing something.
  • Medicine cabinet – An annual decluttering of this storage spot is always a good idea. You don’t want expired meds mixed in there with current ones. Our guide can get you started.
  • Makeup and skin care – Once you open that bottle or tube, the clock begins to tick. No one wants to eat expired food; in the same vein, you wouldn’t want to put expired products on your biggest organ, your skin. This expiration guide is clear and informative.
  • Under-sink storage – Sit down on a rug or towel, and pull out every item under your sink. Give the cabinet floor a good wipe down. Go through all your things and get rid of empty containers, expired items, and anything you no longer use or want. We’ve got great storage ideas for this space!
  • Refrigerator and freezer – It’s as good a time as any to declutter your cold food storage! If you are making dietary changes, it’s also a practical way to get rid of items you’re no longer consuming. Of course we’ve got a guide on this!
  • Food storage containers – Take all these items out and lay them across your kitchen counter. Match containers to their lids. Anything cracked or chipped, stained or smelly, or missing a lid or a bottom, should go. You’ll love how roomy and organized this cabinet will feel after.
  • Pantry – If you’ve got a huge pantry, tackle one section at a time. There are always expired items, bags or boxes with two crackers at the bottom, and odd ingredients you used once or never. Pull it all out and go over each item, and return only what you and your family will really use. If you’ve got small kitchen gadgets in the pantry, consider if an item is ever really used or needed. Let it go if you can’t remember the last time you used it!
  • Paperwork – With taxes due in a couple of months, getting your paperwork in order is extremely important. Use our Paper Retention Guidelines on what to keep and what to shred.
  • Desk drawers – Say goodbye to the junk drawer in your home office desk. Take everything out and get rid of all the junk (dry pens, random business cards, broken stapler, dull scissors, etc.). Once you’ve put what remains back in, you’ll be able to find and use everything more efficiently.
  • Desktop – We’ve got a super guide on decluttering your desktop and keeping it tidy in just 5 minutes a day.
General home

We’ve got wonderful step-by-step guides to declutter and organize other areas of your home!


Take on one or two of these projects a weekend, and by spring your house will feel calm and you will feel fabulous! 


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