Four Super Easy Steps to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is a great place to stash away your personal care products in bathrooms low on storage. Since the contents are behind a closed door, it’s very easy to forget what is inside. Over time the medicine cabinet can become a cluttered mess of long forgotten and expired products. If you want to reclaim your medicine cabinet space, follow these four easy steps:

Clean it out

Take all the contents out of the medicine cabinet. Check the expiration dates on medicine bottles. Dispose of prescrition medicine safely, use this guide to locate a drop-off location. Supplements and over-the-counter medicine can go in the trash. Toss any products you don’t use or need. Carefully remove the glass shelves and wipe them down with glass cleaner.

Make the space work for you

Move the shelves around to suit your needs. Are you storing items like hair spray or mousse which tend to come in tall containers? You’ll need a space with plenty of clearance. The bottom of the medicine cabinet is a good candidate for your tall items. Arrange the remaining shelves to fit your smaller items.

Zone your stuff

Items you use daily should go front and center. Items that don’t get used very frequently go on one of the higher shelves. Whenever possible, group like items together. Cold medicines can be one group. First aid can be another. Oral hygiene products like toothpaste and mouthwash can all be stored together.

Use the right containers

The Linus cabinet organizer with a drawer (The Container Store) keeps every item visible. Items like tooth brushes should be stored vertically. Use small clear containers to corral hair ties or bobby pins. The result will be clean, tidy, and highly usable!

Once you’ve decluttered your medicine cabinet, maybe you’ll be inspired to tackle the under-sink cabinets in your bathroom. Follow the same steps: clean it out, make the space work for you, zone your stuff in the correct containers. If you’ve had enough organizing, call in the professional home organizers who love to sort, declutter, and know just what containers to use to get the most out of that under-sink space.


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