Declutter Your Desk in Just 5 Minutes

In our recently published book:  Declutter and Thrive: Overcoming 6 Common Disorganization Types to Reveal Your Best You, one of the types we described is The Overburdened Employee –  for whom clutter and disorganization at work is a daily struggle, negatively impacting their career.

Work with a professional organizer to reset your office or desk space. Then use the tasks listed in the infographic below to maintain the space and vastly improve productivity, focus, peace of mind, and respect from co-workers.


For those with a home office, Bretton Keenan has rounded up six home office organization ideas, straight from the experts (including one of ours!).

Take the Quiz!

Have you taken the Declutter and Thrive QUIZ to find out your disorganization personality type? Thousands of clients and over eleven years of experience has allowed us to identify the following disorganization personality types:

The Power Shopper with closets and cupboards so full they won’t close.
The Paper Magnet whose paper and mail piles are literally falling over.
The Inspired Hobbyist who can’t create despite volumes of materials.
The Caregiver who’s put everything on hold to care for a loved one.
The Easily Distracted who struggles with an overwhelming to-do list.
The Overburdened Employee whose disorganization at work is impacting their career.
Take the quiz and find out what type fits you!