5 Master Bedroom Organizing Hacks for More Serenity

We build large master bedroom suites with the intention of using them as an oasis for rest and relaxation.  Then we use our master bedroom as a playroom, an office and a home theater. If you want your oasis back, along with more relaxation, serenity and calm in your life, consider the following organizing hacks for your bedroom.

Keep the top of your dresser and nightstand clear. Open, clear spaces are restful for the eyes. Full, cluttered surfaces can cause visual overstimulation. When we are rushing to get ready for the day, we have enough on our minds without being distracted by paperwork piles, unread books, toys, and anything else cluttering the bedroom. Paperwork is a to-do that belongs in the office or on your desk. Unread books should reside on a bookshelf. You don’t need a daily visual reminder of all the books you haven’t had time to read yet. If your children play in your bedroom, make it a point to return their toys to their rooms each night. Your bedroom is an adult space where you shouldn’t have to walk through a sea of Lego or stuffed animals on your way to the bathroom. Remove what doesn’t belong in your bedroom.

Got laundry? If dirty laundry is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, then you are likely starting out your day stressed. Clutter raises our cortisol levels, resulting in heightened anxiety and stress. A laundry hamper should be the only place for dirty clothes.

Your clothes closet needs breathing space. If your closet is more than 80% full, it might be difficult to find what you need to get ready in the morning. The same rule applies to dresser drawers. Spring is a perfect time to donate worn out winter clothes and to re-evaluate your summer wardrobe. Donate those never-worn, out of style, decades old, make your feel bad when you wear them items and leave space your favorites only. Use thin non-slip hangers instead of bulky wood hangers to create a bit more space in your closet. Use the space under your bed to store off season clothing. Be truly authentic about your wardrobe needs. We wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time. Open up space in your closet and your morning routine will be easier and faster.

Leave the electronics out of your bedroom. Watching TV in the bedroom disrupts the quality and quantity of our sleep.  Turning on the TV first thing in the morning distracts us from getting ready for school or work. Back in the days before smart phones, we went to work to actually begin our work day. Now we check email while we brush our teeth and drink our coffee. We are thinking about work, or just plain working, long before we leave the house. This increases our stress level, and it takes away attention from our spouses and our children. Charge your cell phone in a room other than the bedroom. Use the time spent in your bedroom to connect with your spouse and to get a good night sleep.

Relax, you’ve got this! Keep a notepad on your nightstand. As you process through what happened during the day, jot down tasks you need to take care of tomorrow. You are more likely to complete tasks that have been written down.

With these home organizing hacks, our master bedroom suites can feel like an oasis once more. Open up the windows regularly and let in the fresh air. Enjoy your bedroom. Snuggle up with a book. Take a nap. Rest.


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