Giving the Gift of Organization

Is there someone special in your life who you feel would benefit from a gift of professional organizing services? It is definitely a thoughtful present that would help someone you care about. It’s one less “thing” they don’t need to store in their home or work space. If it’s something they may not be able to afford or would just not spend that money on themselves, then it would be a boon to their life. It’s a gift of love, really. With that being said, there are a few things to consider before giving this generous gift.

Would They Welcome This Gift?

If your brother and sister-in-law seem up to their eyeballs in clutter since the arrival of baby #2, but they are blissfully exhausted and seem fine with their messy home, gifting them a professional organizing service may actually burst their bubble and embarrass them. You don’t want your intended gift of help to create bad feelings for either of you. Think of it as giving a Weight Watchers membership to an overweight friend who has never said anything about trying to lose weight—ouch. But if they often mention how they wish they could finally finish getting the nursery set up, or get the kitchen organized so they can actually cook, or declutter the living room so it’s a more relaxing family space—then time with a pro organizer may be a great help to them.

Are They Ready to Make Change Happen?

One thing I always explain to people is that professional organizers are not professional cleaners—we don’t come to a house, clean up the bedroom, and then just leave. It is a process. We work one-on-one with clients to declutter and organize their spaces. Together we strategize the level of support they need to feel in control, capable, and proud of their home. We give them the necessary tools and the support to break the cycle of disorganization, help them set up customized systems, and maintain their newly decluttered spaces. So consider if your loved one is truly ready to make changes to their life. If they are not, any efforts by an organizer will likely end up futile, especially if the client is chronically disorganized.

Will They Be Experiencing a Life Transition?

Sometimes a gift of an organizing service isn’t necessarily for decluttering. If your special person will soon be dealing with a major life transition, a professional organizer would be a great help in managing and organizing this shift in their lives. Some examples:

  • Moving or remodeling
  • Downsizing or upsizing
  • Setting up a new office
  • Transitioning to home schooling
  • Expanding their family
  • Handling their parents’ estates
  • Starting a home-based business
  • Empty nesters
  • Recent widow/widower
  • Elderly parent moving in
  • A new couple combining their homes

There are so many people who could really use the expertise and time management skills a professional organizer can offer!

No Surprises Here

Most people love to be surprised when it comes to gifts. However, a professional service the gift recipient has never mentioned needs to be more thoughtfully considered. If it’s something they did not want and have never asked for, it may be a present that never gets used. You should broach the subject with your friend or family member first. Some scenarios where a surprise gift of an organizing service would likely be welcome:

  • A friend has just moved into town and is working crazy hours, and has lamented how she wishes she could afford a professional organizer to help her unpack and get her new place set up.
  • Your daughter and son-in-law are doing a major remodel to their home while also super busy with work and kids. They need to clear out a lot of stuff before the remodel begins, and constantly ask you for help because your house is so organized and free of clutter.
  • Your bestie has been chronically disorganized since you’ve known her, and obsessively watches Marie Kondo and Home Edit. She talks all the time about wanting to declutter and organize her home, but is nervous about spending the money.
  • Your sister has been wanting to hire a professional organizer for eons to tackle the master suite and closets, but her husband does not agree that it’s a service worth paying for.
  • Mom has been overwhelmed since your dad passed away last year. She wants to move to a smaller place but doesn’t know where to begin with downsizing and organizing 40 years’ worth of home, and keeps saying, “I’ll start but I need someone to help me.”


So is giving the gift of organization a good idea? Absolutely! Provided that it is a welcome gift that will not make the recipient feel bad or ashamed, and that it is something they have expressed a need and want for—it is a marvelous and generous gift. If it will help them make changes they need to live a calmer, less stressful, and more enjoyable life, then it will be a gift that keeps on giving. Like all gifts of love!


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