Give Your Front Door a Refresh With These 7 Tips

Have you given your front door a good look recently? Are there cobwebs in the corners (and I don’t mean the fake ones left from Halloween)? Is the doormat looking sad and not quite as welcoming as you’d like? Is the porch light twitching? Your front door is the “face” of your home—it’s the first impression your visitors get as they approach. So if it’s needing some love right now, we’ve got some easy ways to give it a refresh.

1. Clean the door and everything around it.

Even if your front door is under an eave, it will still get dirty. An annual cleaning is a great idea. First, use a broom or your vacuum’s extension kit, and make sure to get all the corners. Then use a damp cloth to wipe the door down, top to bottom, making sure you do the top of the door frame, all the trim’s details, the doorknob, and the kick plate. If you’ve got windows on the door or to its sides, clean those as well, inside and out. Take the doormat and shake it out or use a shop vac to clean it. Give your front porch and door step area a thorough sweep, then hose it down; include the steps if you have any. If you want the full 411 on serious door-cleaning, this guide is for you.

2. Add plants and decor.

So many ways you can go with this! A classic wreath is always lovely, as are plant and flower pots. Make sure you don’t turn your entry into a jungle, though—leave a reasonable path to the door itself so your guests and delivery persons have easy access. Wayfair has an amazing array of outdoor plant pots, from modern to traditional to funky. Give your front door more personality with a unique knocker or house numbers—make sure to consider the style, size, and material when you shop. This site has some terrific and fun ideas for front door decor.

3. Get a new doormat.

If you’re thinking of getting a new one, check out these washable doormats from Ruggable! We love how there are so many designs to choose from, and once you have the 2-piece system, you can purchase just the doormat if you want to change the look for holidays or seasons. If you are looking for more budget-friendly ones, Target never disappoints.

4. Update your porch light.

A porch light that complements your front door is a bonus when it’s also great for safety and convenience. You could give your current light fixture a refresh with this DIY guide. If you want to change it up completely and install a brand new light, this Home Depot guide is quite thorough and covers a variety of home sidings.

5. Paint your door.

An easy weekend project that will really add some pop to your entry is to paint your door a fresh, new color. It’s a very doable DIY project but you should definitely do some research and legwork before the actual painting! We like The Family Handyman’s step-by-step tutorial.

6. Get some front door tech.

Smart technology can add amazing convenience and safety features to your front door. Whether you pick Nest, Ring, or another brand, there are various options to add smart tech to your doorbell, lighting, locks, and security. I like that my doorbell ringing alerts me on my smartphone, so even when I’m not home I can see who is there and speak to them if need be. If you will update your porch light, consider one that has a smart dust-to-dawn or motion-sensing feature. There are so many options for smart home technology, and it can definitely be overwhelming—start with Tom’s Guide on smart home tech.

7. Don’t forget the path to the door.

If you are sprucing up the front entry, then do likewise for the walkway so people coming from the street or your driveway have a clear path to your door. Use a power washer to clear off dirt, moss, and any other debris. Trim overgrown hedges or ground cover, and prune back any overhanging branches or vines. Put away random items that may be in the way, such as hoses, yard tools, or bags of topsoil.


Do a few or do them all—these tips will definitely amp up the curb appeal of your front door!


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