Cord Management: Taming Your Cables and Cords

Have you ever tried to find a particular device cable under your desk or behind your TV? It may be a tangled mess of cords, wires, power strips and dust bunnies under there. As you try to untangle one cable, several other wires come along with it causing frustration. No wonder many large retailers have an entire product category devoted to cord management, targeted at alleviating this exact problem.  We have gathered some of our favorite products and a few simple tips to reduce your cord management woes.

  • Using a label maker attach a label with the device name to any cords plugged into your power strip. This way, if you need to unplug a particular device, you will not need to trace the cable from the power strip all the way to the other end. If you don’t own a label maker, using masking tape or duct tape and a sharpie to label your cords works just as well.
  • The Container Store sells a cord organizer product which will lift the power strip and attached cables off the floor leaving the area unobstructed.
    A cord sleeve bundles all the cables together and out of the way for a tidier and cleaner look in your office or media room. There many options and they come in a variety of lengths.
  • Another way to contain your cables is by using a plug hub or a cable management cord organizer. Both these products hide the power strip. The cord organizer has the advantage of being able to fit power supplies inside it.
  • We often need device chargers to stay put on top of our desks. Using cable holder clips can be a great way to keep those USB chargers in one place on your desk, nightstand or table.
  • Experts recommend that children do not keep their devices in their bedrooms at night. A charging station can provide a central location where everyone plugs in their phones and tablets. The charging station helps contain various chargers in one place and off the floor.
  • Any cords and cables that are not actively being used should be labeled, contained and stored in an office drawer. Twist ties, rubber bands and Velcro straps work well to keep the wound up cables tidy.



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