A Clean and Tidy Home Can Boost Your Mental Health—Here’s Where to Start

by Shelby Deering
February 27, 2023
from RealSimple.com


Take small steps toward a cleaner home and improved well-being, even if you’re totally unmotivated.

Some symptoms of depression are well known: lethargy, a loss of interest in things you once found enjoyable (known as anhedonia), hopelessness, and deep sadness. But there are other depression warning signs you may not be aware of: stacks of dirty dishes in the sink; a towering pile of unfolded laundry that you washed days ago; boxes, wrappers, and bags dotting the disheveled landscape of your home.

We’re all prone to messy moments, but when intense disorganization is accompanied by symptoms of high stress, anxiety, burnout, or depression, it’s often an indicator that you may be struggling with your mental health.

The Proven Link Between Home and Mental Health

Mental health struggles, like depression, interfere with levels of motivation, energy, and interest.

It’s no wonder that less-than-ideal mental well-being can often lead to unorganized surroundings. According to the DSM-5, the handbook that mental health professionals use to guide their diagnoses, the criteria for depression include a diminished motivation and interest in activities, a slow-down of physical movement, loss of energy, and indecisiveness—all things that usually come in handy in order to keep your home clean and organized.

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