5 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Home Again

After you’ve lived in your home for a few years, it’s easy for the décor to start to feel a tad stale. In other words, it’s totally normal to hate your home sometimes. The good news is there are easy ways to change that and have you never wanting to leave the house again. These are the top five easiest ways to transform your home into one you love again.

Declutter and Organize

The best way to refresh your space is to get rid of excess clutter and organize what you already own. Useless items scattered around your house can make it feel overwhelming, stuffy, and simply unpleasant to be in. Closets, drawers, and about any other storage space filled with junk is only going to stress you out more if you don’t get rid of it. It might be best to hire a professional organizer if you’re completely lost. Be realistic about what you need and donate anything that’s still in good condition. What you keep should go into storage containers such as clear plastic bins, wicker baskets, decorative trunks, and on pretty-but-practical shelving units.

New Paint

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room you loathe. Pick a color that represents your personality and style and opt for either an entire wall or just an accent wall to start. Grays, soft blues, and other neutrals will match almost any color furniture and décor you already own, plus they add a calming effect to a space. Bold, rich colors like reds and oranges create amazing contrast in a space, especially if most of your furniture is dark. And don’t just stick with the walls–use paint on furniture, kitchen cabinets, and anything that could use a little facelift. A little can go along way with this simple tip, and it will leave your space feeling fresh and new without taking too much time or money.

Hang New Artwork

Or, rearrange pieces you already own that are starting to feel boring in their original place. A few favorite pieces of art will make you love your space in a whole new way and will help make your home feel more inviting. This is a great and simple way to show-off your taste, and a little change can help you see things you already own in a new light.

Window Treatments

Window treatments greatly contribute to the look and feel of your home, almost more than any other decorating piece. If you’ve got vinyl blinds, consider replacing them with something more modern. Shades are a nice touch if you prefer a minimal look, but curtains are also a fun way to dress up the space. And most important, be sure to clean those windows you just revamped. It makes a big impact on how clean your space feels and is often forgotten in normal cleaning routines. Plus, it will make your house feel brighter as well.

Have a Home Signature Scent

They say smell is the most memorable sense, and it shouldn’t be forgotten in your own home. Don’t wait for a special occasion to light a scented candle, treat yourself all the time. The pleasant smells will help lift your mood and make you want to spend time in a room. Pick your favorite scent, either fresh and clean smells or comforting scents like vanilla and cake and use either candles or air fresheners–whatever makes sense for your lifestyle. Flowers are another great way to add some actual life to space, plus they smell as great as they look.

Author: Haley Kieser

Photo: Kaboompics.com via Pexels


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