Three Reasons Why Being Disorganized is Not Your Fault

organized kitchen

It’s not your fault you are disorganized if:

You are spending all day tending to more crucial tasks. Your job is demanding. Caring for your family is a full-time job. Then there are groceries to buy, homework to supervise, sports games to attend, you try to do it all. Something must give, and if that something is staying organized – it’s not your fault. In the past homes were smaller, people owned fewer things, and as a result keeping homes organized wasn’t an issue. One study stated that today the average American family has over 300,000 items – that is a lot of stuff to keep track of and keep organized. Today people work longer hours, spend more time commuting or shuttling children to activities – it’s no wonder so many are disorganized. If you’ve run out of time in the day to maintain an organized home, then it’s time to call for back up.

It’s not your fault if:

Organization isn’t one of your talents. We are all born with different strengths and skill sets. I am a terrible singer, I can’t draw or paint, but I can walk into a room and tell you the most efficient way to organize the space. I could take signing and drawing lessons, but I think I’ll leave singing and painting to people who have those talents. If organizing is not in your wheelhouse, it’s not your fault, but it is also likely that you won’t have much success trying to get organized on your own. Stop spinning your wheels and get help from a professional, you’ll be so happy you did.

It’s not your fault your home is disorganized if:

You are not getting cooperation and support from your family. Keeping a home in order takes teamwork. Do your children balk when you suggest decluttering their rooms? Does your spouse resist devoting time to organizing? Organizing is a steep uphill battle when the other members of the family are not on board. One person can only do so much. Working with an organizer, in three hours you’ll achieve more than you would in 12-15 hours of working alone. An organizer brings all the supplies with them and they have a wealth of product knowledge about storage solutions. When the family dynamic is removed, both children and spouses declutter successfully with a professional organizer. Success is a sure thing when you have the support you need.