Stress-Free Guide: Planning and Surviving Your Major House Renovation

If you’re planning to give your home a major facelift, you’re in for a very interesting time in your life. Renovations can be super fun, but also more than stressful, especially when they involve a big part of your home and last for a long time. However, renovations do not have to end in tears and nervous breakdowns! Here’s how to pull off a smooth and breezy reno.

Collect as many tips as you can

Make sure to do your homework before doing any renovation work. Talk to your homeowner friends and family, consult with neighbors and surf the internet for tips. You’re guaranteed to collect a good number of tips that will come in handy during your reno. These tips and information can greatly affect your renovation and even your end product. It’s always good to know what works and what doesn’t pay off.

Plan your budget

One of the first things to do before you grab a sledgehammer and start tearing down walls is coming up with a good budgeting plan. Check the internet for material prices, ask quotes from your contractors and see whether you need to pay for permits. Also, don’t forget the price of hotels in case you need to get away from the noise of renovation. Once you come up with a good budget, add 10% for emergency situations and you’re good to go. No matter how hard you try to make everything perfect, there are situations that you simply can’t predict. When you’re set on a budget, stick to it like crazy. It’s easy to get carried away with renovations and end up blowing your entire life savings.

Know your timetable

If you want to have your home ready for some special event, you’ll have to be extra organized! Start by looking at your end date and work backwards leaving a few extra weeks of wiggle-room. Most renovations include a few delays, so make sure to count them in to avoid disappointment and stress.


If you want to make your house remodel smooth and simple, try to declutter your home before your contractors show up. Pay special attention to the renovation zone: remove furniture, shelving and other items that can get in the way or become damaged. You can even rent a storage space for the duration of your remodel, hire a moving truck and relocate your belongings to a safe place. For instance, Budget truck hire company offers everything from utility trucks and small vans to large moving vans and trailers, so you’ll be able to transport your belongings quickly and safely. Also, make sure to look for some special deals before booking your wheels, because you can often get away with a great price.

Get Permits

Some owners choose to conduct their renovations without permits. This can save you some money at the beginning, but it can cost you plenty in the long run. If your renovations aren’t up to codes, you might need to tear everything out, get permits and start all over again. Getting permits is also important if you’re planning to sell your home in the future. No homebuyer wants a home full of uninspected improvements! So, it’s always better to do everything according to codes and not think about whether you’re breaking the law.

Protect kids and pets

Sure, having your kids involved in your renovation is a great way to spend time with your little ones, but a renovation site can be quite a dangerous place for a child. So, make sure to install safety gates, keep power tools away from your kids and provide them with proper safety gear when they venture into the reno zone. Another thing to consider is the safety and happiness of your pets. Safety gates and designated no-pet zones are the key to their safety and the success of your renovation. Make sure to pay special attention to your pets during this hectic time, take them for long walks and give them plenty of attention to reduce stress.

Have a family day every once in a while

Major renovations can take a toll on everyone involved. So, don’t get so invested in the design of your home to forget about those who are really important. Make sure to have one day a week without contractors, plans and tools and spend it with your family. You can go outside and have a picnic, go to the movies or organize a game night. This ritual will help your kids cope with the mess and allow you to unwind.

No, renovations don’t have to be nerve-wracking! With good planning and smart coping tactics, you will end up with a beautiful and modern home without even realizing it.


Guest Author: Chloe Taylor


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