Simplify Experts is Now An EnviroStars Green Business!

We are proud to announce that we are now an EnviroStars Green business! Green businesses follow practices that limit their environmental impact and protect their employees. 
Running our business sustainably is healthier for our 
employees, our clients, and the planet. 
Waste less and recycle right, make the best use of resources, and potentially lower garbage bills by reducing waste and recycling better.

Why are we Green?

Founder Denise Allan has worked hard for months for Simplify to receive this certification. EnviroStars businesses complete a core set of 20 no-to-low-cost actions selected for their sector—impactful actions that businesses can complete.

Denise: “I have been one of the expert Professional Organizers on the A&E show Hoarders a few times in its early seasons. The volume of visual stimulation of clutter is so high, I had nightmares about garbage for a few weeks following filming. We only have one planet and I want to do my share to make it a great place for our children’s children and for further generations to come. Acquiring is too easy; if my team and I can help support people living purposefully with fewer items, then we have done our job.”



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