Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space With These Organization Tips 

With summer quickly approaching, you’ll want to start getting your outdoor space ready and take advantage of any yard space that you have. Whether you have a few acres of land that you can utilize or a modest but cozy patio, make the most of it for you and your family to enjoy. It can be difficult to organize your outdoor area due to limited space or storage, so using up as much yard space as possible will benefit you. 
An organized outdoor space will not only help to keep your yard looking prim and proper, but it’ll also help to keep it maintained at all times. Minimize the amount of clutter you have, create zones, utilize your outdoor storage, and create a safe environment for your family and friends. 

Declutter Your Backyard

Clear your outdoor space of unnecessary items and clutter to help to open some space up. You may have items or pieces of furniture that you no longer need or use that can be donated, or if something is in bad condition, you can throw it away. If you want to upgrade certain items, try and sell your already-used belongings to make money for new ones! 

While ridding your backyard of unwanted items and furniture, you can also take this opportunity to reorganize the items that are currently in your outdoor space. If you have multiple pieces of furniture that take up a lot of space, rearrange them to fit comfortably in the space you have. Furniture can take up quite a bit of room and could potentially take away from usable parts of your yard, so organizing it accordingly will help to keep some space open. 

If your kids have an excessive amount of outdoor toys and rides, like bikes, scooters, or automatic cars, see what is used most and keep those items. All other unused items can be donated. After eliminating some of that clutter, you can organize them in an efficient way that your kids can follow. Putting these items in areas that are easily accessible for your kids will help immensely. 

Create Zones

If you’re looking for new ways to properly organize your backyard, you may consider creating different zones. Zones can help you maintain your yard as efficiently as possible, while also keeping it well organized. Depending on how much space you have to work with, determine how many zones you’d like to have and go from there. You may want a specific area for your kids to play and keep all their belongings, and you may want an area dedicated to outdoor cooking and dining. Based on your needs, and what’ll work best for your family, design these zones before executing them.

Here are some examples of zones that you could tie into your backyard space to make the most of it: 

  • Dining/kitchen zone: Dedicate a certain area in your backyard where you can enjoy meals together and cook. This dedicated space will allow you to keep your food and drinks away from certain areas in your yard that may be contaminated with bugs. 
  • Kid zone: As your kids can accumulate many outdoor toys and games, it can sometimes take over your whole yard. Devote a larger space in your backyard for a play area where you can have a swing set, sandbox, or a large bin to place smaller toys in to keep organized. 
  • Fire pit zone: Having a fire pit or a place where you can sit and relax may be the most used spot in your backyard. Create a space where you can place comfortable outdoor furniture sets that surround a fire pit and enjoy some downtime at the end of the day. 
  • Pool zone: Keep all of your pool furniture, supplies, toys and floats, and pool cover all within one area. To maximize your pool space, keep everything within a fenced-in area, that way the supplies or items don’t get mixed in with others in the backyard. 

While creating and organizing these zones can be extremely beneficial, you’ll also want to keep safety in mind. You can consider investing in a shed and some large outdoor bins that can be locked up to store your belongings, whether they’re big or small. Having places to lock up your items will be in your best interest so you can ensure your kids won’t get into them and avoid the possibility of things getting stolen. 

Utilize Your Storage Areas

Keeping your belongings organized can be a hard task, but keeping them out of sight is another story. While you may have created zones to keep your backyard organized and to help avoid clutter, utilizing your storage areas will help to place seasonal or unused items. If you have a smaller backyard, making the most of your storage may be difficult, so you may have to store some items inside your garage. 

If you have the space in your yard, you could create a zone with a shed or a barn that can be used for multiple purposes; storage, additional living space, bar, hang-out area, etc. With this option to have extra space to organize your things, make sure to maximize it with an easily manageable layout. For example, if you’re storing seasonal items, you can create a seasonal organizing system

Utilizing the space in your yard could potentially be a great investment and add value to your home if you’re interested in building a barn or shed. If you have the space for it, a small barn could serve as your storage space for all outdoor items, and even some indoor. Take advantage of the equity you’ve already built on your home, and take out a home equity loan to build an area for additional storage. You’d have the opportunity to build something that’ll fit your needs and receive the loan in a large lump sum to pay for it all at once. This will also allow you to complete the build at one time, instead of doing it in sections. 


Making the most of the space that you have can often become difficult if you’re noticing that you’re running out of room, but utilizing all areas of your home will benefit the way you organize. There are so many tips and tricks that you can follow, or you can also work with a professional to help you if you feel uncertain about how to organize your home. Contact us today to learn more about organizing and decluttering your home. 


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