Learn How to Minimize the Dust in Your Closet

January 8, 2021


Ever notice how closets and bathrooms seem to be the dustiest rooms in the house? There’s a reason for this. They may not be used very often each day. But the type of use these areas receive creates dust. And the relatively small size of closets with limited air circulation exacerbates the problem.

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Fall Decluttering: What To Get Rid Of

It’s probably safe to say most people are spending a lot more time at home these days! With Fall coming and the cooler, wetter weather on the horizon, there is even more indoor time to be had. While we’re all looking forward to pumpkin spice lattés, new Netflix shows, and the start of the holiday season, we should also take the opportunity to get rid of stuff. “Stuff” is an excellent catch-all term for items that just seem to accumulate over time and overstay their use and need. I look at the start of every season as a perfect time to clear out certain spaces around the house. These are awesome mini projects that should take no more than 1-2 hours each. Do one or two for a few weekends, and by Halloween you’ll have accomplished quite a lot!

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Upgrade Your Master Closet to a Great Built-in Closet System

When you decide to remodel or make updates to your home, you might prioritize the kitchen and bathrooms. I completely get it, we spend a lot of our time in those two spaces. But I am here to tell you that you should also consider upgrading your master closet to a good quality built in system, such as the one sold by The Container Store. I’ve just witnessed a client’s amazing master closet transformation, and it is clear just how much easier her day-to-day life will be. Don’t you deserve your day to be as easy as possible? Yes, you do.

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3 Tried and True Ways to Store Your Scarves

scarf organizer

Whether you own gorgeous Hermès scarves and real Pashmina wraps, or whether you just like to stay cozy in a hand-knit infinity scarf, you need a place to store your scarves.

Roll or Fold the Scarves in a Drawer

Folding your silk and pashmina scarves will protect them from wrinkles. Ideally you can store these special items in a dresser drawer. Casual scarves can also be folded or rolled and placed side by side in a drawer. If space allows, winter and summer scarves can live together in a single drawer. This is a great system if you have a drawer you can dedicate to scarves alone. If you mostly own casual scarves that don’t need special storage then consider a hanging scarf organizer.

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5 Closet Organization Techniques


When you are getting ready for your day, are you able to find what you need in your closet easily? Or, is getting dressed in the morning a struggle, a hassle, or a generally unpleasant experience? Here are five simple guidelines for closet organization.

  1. Your closet should be no more than 80% full. Any fuller and you don’t have space for your hanging clothes to swing freely while you are choosing your outfit for the day. Avoid overstuffing your closet by donating ill-fitting and unworn clothes regularly. Move off-season items to clear labeled bins under the bed and switch your wardrobe out in the Spring and Fall.
  2. The items in your closet that you touch daily should be in clear view and at chest height. This will ensure easy retrieval. Store items you use the least frequently below knee height.
  3. If you can’t see your shoes, the chance is you won’t wear them. Shoe organization provides a valuable return on investment. There are many great shoe organization solutions. One simple option is using clear shoe box bins which stack easily, keep the dust off, and allow you to quickly retrieve your favorite pair of sandals. Clear bins can also be used to store handbags and off-season items such as hats, gloves, and scarves.
  4. Your laundry receptacle should be easily accessible and in plain sight. Avoid laundry hampers which can become too heavy or unwieldy. A simple laundry basket on the floor of your closet works well.
  5. Use vertical shelf dividers to separate stacks of sweaters or other items in your closet. Avoid creating stacks that topple over when you need to retrieve an item. As a guideline, the stack should not exceed the height of the shelf divider.
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