3 Tried and True Ways to Store Your Scarves

Whether you own gorgeous Hermès scarves and real Pashmina wraps, or whether you just like to stay cozy in a hand-knit infinity scarf, you need a place to store your scarves.

Roll or Fold the Scarves in a Drawer

Folding your silk and pashmina scarves will protect them from wrinkles. Ideally you can store these special items in a dresser drawer. Casual scarves can also be folded or rolled and placed side by side in a drawer. If space allows, winter and summer scarves can live together in a single drawer. This is a great system if you have a drawer you can dedicate to scarves alone. If you mostly own casual scarves that don’t need special storage then consider a hanging scarf organizer.

Hang the Scarves on a Scarf Organizer

You may be a visual person who likes to see their scarf options in front of them, not hidden away in a drawer. Hanging scarf organizers for your closet come in many styles, but most resemble a hanger with several openings to hold each scarf. Looping each scarf through the holes allows you to store all your cozy scarves in one spot. You can use this organizer in your bedroom or coat closet. You may need two scarf organizers if you have thick bulky winter scarves. Store your winter scarves with your winter coats, and your summer scarves with the rest of your wardrobe. Again, this is a great system for casual scarves that won’t wrinkle. One drawback is that infinity scarves don’t fit on these hanging organizers as well, especially if they are a heavy knit material.

Use a Basket or Storage Bin for Scarves

If space is really at a premium, a simple storage bin will work to house your scarf collection. Separating your scarves into a “light” and “heavy” category can help you keep things neatly organized. Store your scarf bin in your closet, or nearest to where you enter and exit your home. Avoid using wicket baskets as they can snag your knit scarves.

Perhaps a combination of these methods is appropriate for you! Have fun figuring out what works best – drawer, organizer, or bin. Happy organizing!




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