5 Online Places to Give Away Your Stuff

Bringing a carload of items to a donations center will always be a win-win scenario. You’ve decluttered and pared down your household items, and now these still-have-life-in-them things will help out someone in need instead of ending up in a landfill. Sometimes, though, you only have a few items that need to go. Or maybe […]

Get Ready for December…In November

If you’re counting the number of days until the December holidays, you’re not alone. It always seems that once Halloween ends, time speeds up. Don’t get caught in December with way too much to do. Don’t be stressed out and disorganized during what should be a warm and memorable time for you and your special […]

ADHD-Friendly Tips On Getting A Project Done

Most of us can relate all too well to the frustration of completing a project. For those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) it can be even more of a struggle. Beginning a task and going forward with it may be the first hurdle. Then there could be challenges with remembering all the pieces, various […]

How to Get Kids to Sleep: Bedtime Strategies for Buzzing ADHD Brains

June 28, 2023 by Richard Steinberg, M.D. from ADDitude.com Think you’ve tried it all to get your child to sleep? Make sure to review these basic strategies – from devising a smart bedtime routines to properly prepping a room for sleep – and consider other options to help your child fall and stay asleep. As […]

What to Prep Now So The Kids (and You) are Ready for Back-to-School

It can be so hard to start thinking about school mid-summer when we’re experiencing sunny, 80-degree days and 9pm sunsets. Who wants to ruin the summer vibe by making a back-to-school checklist?! The reality is that the kids won’t be doing that—so it’s going to have to fall on you, the parent. Get some of […]

Step-by-Step Guide for Securing ADHD Accommodations at School

October 28, 2022 from ADDitude Editors 8 straightforward steps — from requesting a school evaluation to monitoring accommodations — to help parents develop the best IEP or 504 Plan possible for kids with ADHD.   How to Get an IEP or 504 Plan for ADHD The process of securing academic accommodations for your child with […]

Simplify Expert is Featured in ‘The Seattle Times’

While it happens regularly, it’s still always so exciting when Simplify Experts is featured in the media! Owner/Founder Denise Allan is in the July 14, 2023, issue of The Seattle Times: The kitchen counter is prime real estate. Anything that’s out should be things you use every day, says Denise Allan, a certified professional organizer […]

Road Trip Must-Haves for Your Car

Nothing starts off summer break better than a vacation! Getting on a plane, train, or automobile, and arriving at a new or favorite destination creates amazing memories for anyone. If you are doing some road-tripping, you will need to pack differently than you would for a plane trip. Consider the riders, because you’ll definitely need […]

How to Protect Your Home When You’re On Vacation

If you are heading out of town for a long weekend or for a week, it’s important to take a few steps and ensure your home’s safety. An obviously empty home is tempting for burglars, and you definitely don’t want your house to be an easy target. Here’s our thorough guide to keeping your home […]