Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer: Beat the Heat with Simple Strategies

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and back then we always had a few super hot summer days—otherwise, a couple of electric fans seemed sufficient. No longer! As our summer temperatures soar upwards year after year, keeping your house cool and livable is now a higher priority for both comfort and energy efficiency. We’ve […]

Boost Your Home’s Value With These 5 Projects Under $5K

Want to spruce up your home but don’t want to spend a ton on a major remodeling project? It is absolutely doable! You can enhance your home’s value without breaking the bank. Your home is your biggest investment and anything you do to boost its livability and aesthetics will be rewarding for you—and appealing to […]

Preparing Your Home For A Big Trip: 10 Things to Organize

Going on a major trip? Super lucky you! Keep in mind that planning for a significant trip involves more than just packing your bags and booking flights. Ensuring your home is properly organized and secure before you leave is essential for peace of mind while you’re away. You don’t want any lingering worries about something […]

Yes, You CAN Declutter Your Bedroom In One Weekend!

Does your bedroom feel cluttered and overwhelming? Is it a place of calm and relaxation, or do you look around and get stressed out by all mess? According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 75% of people reported getting a better night’s sleep when their bedroom environment was clean and organized. Decluttering can […]

Dad’s Faves: A Father’s Day Gift Guide for Every Budget and Personality

Our annual Father’s Day gift guide has ideas for almost every kind of dad out there, at every budget level. Have fun shopping. Remember, it’s not the gift itself, it’s the care and thought you put into it. Wishing all the dads a Happy Father’s Day!   Pro Golf Putting Mat If Dad wants to […]

Deliciously Green: 3 Easy Ways to Embrace Sustainable Food Storage

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly paramount, even our kitchen cabinets are getting an eco-friendly makeover. Fortunately, the shift towards eco-friendliness has led to the emergence of innovative, affordable, and sustainable food storage solutions. These not only help reduce our carbon footprint but also promote healthier living. Say goodbye to the days of […]

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year’s Mother’s Day gift guide has so many wonderful things at all price points. It gives me great ideas for gift-giving while hoping to inspire our readers with theirs. I hope you find something for that special mom in your life.

50 Things to Toss When Moving (Or Just Because You Want to Declutter)

November 9, 2022 by Rebecca Renner for Apartment Therapy   If you’re about to move, you don’t want to take everything with you—that can get heavy—and expensive. At the same time, resist the urge to toss everything out. Even if your stuff doesn’t need to travel with you, that doesn’t mean that its life is […]

A Basic Checklist for Digital Decluttering

Do you regularly declutter and organize your home? Then you should also do the same with your digital spaces. A regular digital decluttering is a boost for your productivity and well-being. It brings down the distractions and the stress, clears out a lot of unnecessary extras, and makes it easier and more pleasant for you […]