Rachel Cameron

Professional Organizer 

Rachel has her parents to thank for her knack and passion for organizing. In a household where one neurodivergent parent’s natural gift for home aesthetics complimented the other neurotypical parent’s sensibility for efficacy and order, Rachel learned how to nurture both values. Tidy orderliness and comfortable living can coexist quite beautifully, and she is excited to share her knowledge with you! With a Bachelor of Arts and over 5 years experience in social work, she enjoys practicing her craft of creatively solving spatial puzzles so that people can effectively live their lives, as well as appreciate their environment with their five senses.

Washington has been Rachel’s home since 2021, the same year she was diagnosed with ADHD. The Evergreen State quickly became a sanctuary of physical relief and mental clarity to her and her husband. Learning about the ADHD brain connected so many dots, especially about her personal dopamine motivators. Organizing is chief among those motivators! Naturally, getting paid to do what bio-chemically sparks happiness in her anyway was a career path worth pursuing, and voila! Her journey with Simplify Experts began.

Besides organizing, Rachel’s other joys include leading art workshops at a local women’s shelter in Seattle, serving in her church with her husband, coloring while re-watching her comfort shows, and chilling with her fluffy tabby cat.

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