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We’ve all heard the mantra, “Do what you love”, but come on, who really does that? Crazy but true, us. It was early 2007 and Denise was looking to shift careers. She was making it to the gym consistently and you want to know how? She was totally hooked on HGTV shows while on the cardio machines. She could not get enough of Peter Walsh on Clean Sweep or episodes of Mission Organization. Denise was strategizing how she would approach every project and seeing if the organizer matched her vision. She, too, wanted to give clients hope and make their lives easier. Denise researched the industry, signed up for every class she could take, and jumped right in to taking clients. Soon she needed help, and she chose wisely.

The Simplify Experts team all LOVE organization but we are so much more than people who put things in pretty boxes. We all are dedicated to education and providing strong resources to our clients, we are all engaged in service in our community, and are extremely customer-service driven. We have special skills for those who need extra support. Oh, and we also like to make it a little bit fun. We understand that calling for help to get your home and life organized and de-cluttered is one of the most difficult calls to make and we are honored and privileged that you are considering us. Together we can make it better.

Our Process

Messy Home Assessment


You have made contact with Simplify Experts and we’ve set up a complimentary assessment of your home with you. We will walk through the spaces and ask questions to become very clear on your vision. You need to know you feel comfortable with us – we bring non-judgmental support. Absolutely NO pre-cleaning of the spaces needed.



At this point, we will be able to give you an estimate of the hours needed for the project. We’ll assess if we need any additional supplies, and we’ll set up a work plan that works for both of us. Sessions are calendared and our contract is signed.

Donation Box


We work with our clients hands-on in 3-hour work sessions. We are fully insured and all employees are thoroughly background screened and trained. Our job is to transfer organizational skills and systems to work successfully in your home. We wrap up the session with a Client Sticking Strategies form that overviews the session and clarifies the homework to be completed. We haul all donations away and give you the receipt.

Organized Office Shelf


We want to exceed your expectations. Your newly organized space should meet your vision and be easy for you to maintain. Simplify Experts does offer maintenance packages for those who desire a longer period of accountability.


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Multi-Year Super Service Award Winner

Home Advisor
Home Advisor

Screened & Approved Service Provider


Green business certified

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