About Us

Simplify Experts is a team of passionate & encouraging organizers

We’ve all heard the mantra, “Do what you love”, but come on, who really does that? Crazy but true, us. It was early 2007 and I was looking to shift careers. I was making it to the gym consistently and you want to know how? I was totally hooked on HGTV shows while on the cardio machines. I could not get enough of Peter Walsh on Clean Sweep or episodes of Mission Organization. I was strategizing how I would approach the project and seeing if the organizer matched my vision. I, too, wanted to give clients hope and make their lives easier. I researched the industry, signed up for every class I could take, and jumped in. And soon I needed help, and I chose wisely. The Simplify Experts team all LOVES organization but we are so much more than people who put things in pretty boxes. We all are dedicated to education and providing strong resources to our clients, we are all engaged in service in our community, and are extremely customer-service driven. We have special skills for those who need extra support. Oh, and we also like to make it a little bit fun. We understand that calling for help to get your home and life organized and de-cluttered is one of the most difficult calls to make and we are honored and privileged that you are considering us. Together we can make it better.