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10 Quick Ways to Make Your Kitchen Holiday Ready

Holiday Kitchen

During the holidays we use our kitchen more than any other time of the year. We will bake cookies. We will host family and friends for dinner. Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve give us plenty of opportunities to use all our dishes, kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, appliances, and panty items. This makes it a perfect time to make decisions about what kitchen items are still relevant, needed and useful.

  1. Check your pantry supplies. Use website to determine whether your spices or other pantry staples need to be replaced. Make a list of staples you need to replace.
  2. Will you use fine china for special dinners this holiday season? Many don’t.
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Whip Your Kitchen Clutter


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Improve the Functionality of your Kitchen in Ten Minutes

Improve kitchen functionality in ten minutes

Our kitchens sustain our family. Our kitchen is where our family and guests gather to eat and spend time together. Ask yourself, on a day to day basis does your kitchen work for you? Are your counters covered with piles of who knows what? Are your cupboards filled to the max? Are you having trouble finding things? Is your pantry a black hole? Are you embarrassed to have guests over?

You can make your kitchen work for you! In just 10 minutes a day!


Set aside ten minutes before going to bed tonight. Start with the counters in your kitchen. Recycle any junk mail or old papers that may be cluttering the counter. Take any items that don’t belong in the kitchen and return them to their appropriate home. Put away one appliance you haven’t used in the past month. Fill and start your dishwasher. That is all for today. You are on your way!

In the morning…

Your kitchen will feel a tiny bit cleaner and more organized in the morning. If you can, empty your dishwasher before leaving for work or school. (I’ve timed it and realized it only takes me THREE minutes to empty my dishwasher! And yes, I was half asleep when I did the time test!) Load the dishwasher with breakfast dishes. Take a look at the counter again with fresh eyes, can anything else be put away? Take a minute while drinking your coffee and make one small change – even if it is just recycling old receipts, or putting a cookbook away. Every small effort helps.

Tomorrow night…

Repeat this ten-minute ritual again before going to bed. Is there an appliance on the counter that is taking up a lot of space, but is rarely used? Put it away. Work on putting away items that don’t belong on the kitchen counter. Put away clean dishes and load the dishwasher. Put away any food that belongs in the pantry. Take out trash and recycling. Quickly wipe down the counter. Start the dishwasher. Your tidier kitchen is

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