Unique Gift Ideas for Your 2018 Christmas Gift List

I must come clean. I’ve already begun Christmas shopping. I know it’s not even Halloween yet. I’ve already made a 2018 Christmas gift list on my Wunderlist app to keep track of the gifts I need to buy and the gifts I’ve already purchased. The gift I got was for someone who is easy to shop for, that’s why I was able to find just the right thing when I was hardly looking.

But this made me think about all the people I need to buy gifts for who are incredibly hard to shop for. We all have a few of those relatives on our list. It also got me thinking about all the spouses, partners, non-shoppers and anyone else who struggles to come up with that something special for that someone special in their lives. The way I see it, when it comes to holidays we all need all the help we can get.

Plan a Girls’ or Boys’ Weekend Away for your Significant Other

With this Christmas gift your significant other will surely feel rewarded for all the hard work they do year-round. Pick a weekend in late spring and take the Friday before off from work. This was you can be sure to help get everyone situated for when your significant other leaves on their trip. Choose a fun location. The California wine country is always a favorite. Look up Solage resort in Sonoma County, one of my personal favorites. Think – pampering. Email the friends with whom your significant other would most likely want to share this weekend. Get their buy-in. Once they are on-board create a detailed itinerary for the weekend. Book the hotel. Research the spa, golf, wine-tasting, bike tour, and any other fun local activities. Don’t book the flight just yet, but plan on doing so after Christmas. Type up the itinerary and don’t forget to include how you will take care of the kids, pets, plants, and other responsibilities around the house while they are away. Print the detailed itinerary and place in a gift box, wrapped in tissue. On Christmas day, your loved one will be amazed how much thought you put into a special getaway weekend for them. You are sure to score big points with this gift, I guarantee it. If an out of town weekend is out of the budget, plan a local getaway to a spa. Check out the day spa packages at the Pro Club or at Willows Lodge.

A Professional Home Organizing Package

A gift of pampering for your loved one doesn’t have to include a plane ride. Give your loved one the gift of an organized home. The holidays take their toll on the state of your home. Start the new year off right with a decluttering appointment or an entire house refresh package from Simplify Experts. Is there one area of the home that particularly bothers your significant other? The garage? The kitchen? The closets? The craft room? The basement or attic? Your loved one will truly feel heard and loved if you get them the help they need to enjoy their home. Clutter raises stress levels and anxiety, especially among women, and for many a gift of professional organizing is just the gift they’ll love to help them feel relaxed and joyful at home.

A Car Detailing Service and Car Wash

There is a good chance that your significant other spends a lot of time commuting, picking up and dropping off the kids, and running errands. A gift of regular car washes and detailing, especially if the gift recipient doesn’t have to take the car to the appointment, will be cherished. The important tip here is to give more than just the service. Include in the gift the time for you to take your loved one’s car to get detailing service. Every day, your loved one will appreciate your thoughtful gift.

Alternately, find and hire a local college student to pick up your children from school and take them to their after-school activities. Now, that is another Christmas gift that keeps giving all year long.


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