The Instant Pot: Best Small Appliance Ever?

One of the most widely purchased kitchen products of recent times has been the Instant Pot. This new rendition of your mother’s pressure cooker has been heralded as the newest work-reducing, time-saving, must-have device. Now, I am not one to jump on trends, so I asked my girlfriends on Facebook whether the Instant Pot is something I should buy, what they liked about it, whether they used it frequently and what recipes they’ve tried.

Why do so many love the Instant Pot?

Many of those who responded LOVE their Instant Pot. It reduces the number of pots you need to make a single meal. It’s a time saver. You can put in frozen meat. One friend loves the Instant Pot so much she bought a second one. Another friend mentioned that she had given two Instant Pots as wedding gifts. Another friend who loves her Instant Pot uses Pinterest to locate recipes with much success. I got lots of recipes for chili and Indian food. One friend uses it to make sloppy joes.


What are some common complaints about the Instant Pot?

On the other hand, some of the feedback I received was that while they used their Instant Pot a lot initially, after the novelty wore off, they stopped. One friend said her family became “tired” of the Instant Pot recipes she made and begged for her to stop making them. One friend had trouble converting her slow cooker recipes to the Instant Pot (using the slow cooker setting). Some only use the Instant Pot for making hardboiled eggs, rice or artichokes. Then there were several people who bought it, but after several months, still haven’t used it. According to a Simplify Experts professional organizer, it is one of the kitchen gadgets often donated by clients who are decluttering their kitchen. The pot is quite tall and many kitchen cabinets may not be tall enough to house it.

Is the Instant Pot right for you? If you enjoy trying out new recipes, go for it. Am I rushing out to buy one? Not yet. I think I am going to borrow one from a friend, try out some recipes, see what my family thinks. If we all love it, then perhaps I’ll ask for one for Christmas.


Author: Vlasta Hillger