What to do on Thanksgiving Day (other than eat)

What to do on Thanksgiving Day
Every year we gather with friends and family for a Thanksgiving Day feast of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. For those who are hosting this year, we have some ideas to keep your guests entertained while you prepare the meal and activities everyone can participate in after the big meal is over.


Thanksgiving Activities for the Kids

To entertain the children on Thanksgiving consider having age appropriate puzzles, mad libs, crafts and board games on hand. The children can play games, hang out with grandpa and the cousins while the turkey bakes in the oven. Children may work on a craft activity, provided they don’t need the host’s supervision or involvement – you already have your hands full! A game of flag football in the back yard or a trip to the neighborhood park is always a good call.


Thanksgiving Activities for the Relatives

Thanksgiving is about gratitude and thoughts of years gone by. Your relatives may enjoy family videos and looking at family photos. Pull out the photo albums or box of photos and let the guests explore, tell family stories and help the children get a better idea of their family tree. Family guests may also enjoy baby videos, travel or family event videos and be reminded of past experiences with gratitude. If all your photos are digital, show them on your TV with Chromecast.


Activities for the Athletic

If you are looking for something fun and athletic to do on Thanksgiving Day, participate in a family Run/Walk in your community. A neighborhood walk or morning hike helps family members bond and frees the host to prepare the meal. Alternately, take a group walk or visit a local park after the meal is over.


Activities for the Giving

Helping those in need goes hand in hand with having gratitude this season.  Consider asking your guests to bring non-perishable food items. Collect these for a local food bank. Put the children in charge of your canned food drive. Later take them with you when you donate at the local food bank. Another opportunity to help out those less fortunate this Thanksgiving is to collect business professional clothes for Dress for Success. This organization provides clothing to needy women going on job interviews. By donating business professional clothing, your guests can free up space in their closets while contributing to a great cause.


Activities for the Traditionalists

Every family has old traditions and perhaps some new ones too! Check out this list from Huffington Post to see if your tradition is listed! Even if watching sports is not typically your thing, the oldest Thanksgiving Day tradition is watching football on TV. Your guests can enjoy healthy snacks and await the big meal. Football and Thanksgiving are two of America’s best traditions. Enjoy!