Part 2 – Does the Thought of Tax Preparation Make You Panic?  You Are Not Alone

Organize your paperwork

Unless you are an accountant, for many of us, filing our tax returns ranks on the list of fun activities right next to root canals. Some of us get through this yearly chore one way or another and file our taxes by the deadline.

For others, it is not so easy. Many Americans who struggle with this deadline may end up paying hefty penalties for filing their taxes late or not at all. There could be many potential reasons for filing late, but for some, the reason is simply disorganization.

All over the United States families struggle with the volume of paper coming into the home. Catalogues, magazines, kids’ schoolwork and projects, work papers, receipts, oh and – mail, enter our homes daily. Without a clear system in place, paper piles stack up and threaten to take over our homes.

Financial statements needed for taxes can get easily misplaced. Many families try, but just can’t keep up with filing. Many financial or billing documents come to us digitally and thus there are more places where needed paperwork can hide.

The paper situation around tax time can get overwhelming very quickly.  A professional organizer can help you get ahead of the paper avalanche and get you on your way to getting organized and filing your taxes on time.

  • We can help you sort/recycle/shred mail, and file as necessary.
  • We can work with you to set aside tax related documents to get you ready to prepare your tax return.
  • We can help you implement a comprehensive filing system, and customize it for your specific needs so that you can stay organized in the future.
  • We can help you create a command center to help manage the flow of paper and keep the volume at bay.
  • We can help you declutter your desk surfaces and suggest desk organization ideas to calm environment in which you can tackle collating your W-2 and 1099 forms.


Working with a professional organizer to get ready for your taxes might just be the solution to keep those panicky thoughts at bay. You are not alone, we are to help.