A Tale of a Frightful House

cluttered house

On Halloween night…

Creepy skeletons, fuzzy black spiders and foam gravestones in your front-yard graveyard spooked the young trick-or-treaters aplenty, but only you knew that the truly frightful and terrifying was inside your house, hidden and unseen – because no visitors had been welcomed inside for a long time. Only on Halloween did anyone approach your porch.

Inside the house, no one opened closets for fear of what might come tumbling out. Everywhere were dusty piles of stuff
that once had a purpose and now lay abandoned. No one who lived here, looked for anything lost, because long ago everyone accepted that certain items seemed to get eaten up by the house itself. There were entire rooms no one dared to enter. Creaks and strange noises came from the basement, but no one dared to investigate. You feared that your home would always be this way, because what kind of magic could rescue such a place?

Then one late night, perhaps it was in a dream (or online) you heard the name Denise Allan, and you learned about the magical things she does. With hesitation, you called Simplify Experts. Soon, like a fairy godmother Denise arrived at your doorstep. Denise’s cheerful, warm and upbeat presence in your home sent the ghosts running and you knew immediately that Denise possessed the secret magic formula to help you banish the scary piles and restore order and cheer in your home.

But no magic wand was used. Instead appointments were made for professional organizers to work with you. Over the next several weeks, two cheery professional organizers arrived caffeinated and ready to work. Together you began to sort through each room, nook and cranny. As boss of this operation you decided what had to go (to Goodwill) and what got to stay.

Your treasured possessions found new homes in labeled clear plastic bins, never to be lost again. Over several appointments, spaces were emptied. Curtains were opened. Counters were cleared. Drawers were reorganized. Closets were tidied. Calm was restored. Cars were loaded full of donations and taken away. Several high-fives and hugs later, the fairy godmothers – I mean – professional organizers left.

Nowadays, you welcome visitors past your front porch and into your home. And the frequent sounds of joy in your house, keep the ghosts away, they don’t dare to come back, not even on Halloween.


Author: Vlasta Hillger