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Entering 6th Grade with no Clutter


Twelve-year old Kayla was more than ready to clear the clutter out her bedroom. She is entering 6th grade in a few days and she no longer plays with majority of the toys that clutter her bedroom. These days she is into playing guitar and reading, not playing with Disney princess castles and Polly Pockets. Over three hours, we emptied every drawer, pulled out every bin and sorted through every book shelf and basket. Kayla took the lead

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How I Started Home Organizing Company Simplify Experts

Denise Allan owner of Simplify Experts.

My journey toward starting Simplify Experts began in 2007. I was looking to make a change in my career.  I had been running auctions for non-profits and feeling burned out.  I had some flexibility in my mornings and became aware that I was planning my cardio machine workouts at my gym at the time that the organizing shows were on HGTV.  I was hooked on the shows Mission Organization and Clean Sweep with organizer Peter Walsh

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