Storing your Hockey Gear in the Garage

kid in hockey gear

NHL Hockey is coming to Seattle as soon as 2020! Seattle sports fans are already excited to have another team to support. Young kids and adults alike will be inspired to try hockey for themselves and that means hockey families will need to find a way to store all that hockey gear.

Where should all that hockey gear go?

Those who already play hockey know that the sport comes with a lot of bulky gear – it’s way more than sticks and skates. The pads, helmets, tape, pucks, jerseys and pants all need to go somewhere. Hockey gear can create a lot of clutter in your home, and that is why Pro Stock Hockey, an online hockey shop offering pro stock hockey equipment, has provided this infographic with some great ideas about storing your hockey gear in the garage.

Garage Organization

Garage organizing can be daunting especially if you haven’t decluttered in a while. If you want to make space for your sports equipment, hockey or otherwise, give us a call and set up an appointment. Two sets of hands are always handy when working in the garage and the work goes a lot faster!