Put your Spring Home Maintenance on Auto-Pilot

home maintenance

Home Maintenance is an on-going process. Trees need trimming, gutters and windows need cleaning, the garage needs a once-over. It is easy to postpone or forget about these tasks when actually, we can simplify our lives by putting these activities on auto-pilot.
Your local gutter cleaning company can take two home maintenance tasks off your to-do list right now. Schedule to have your roof and gutters cleaned twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The roof and gutter cleaning pros will blow any debris off your roof, treat for moss and algae and clean your gutters. Your roof will look amazing all year long and water will flow freely through your gutters. Many gutter companies also provide window cleaning services. Springtime is a good time to schedule your window cleaning. Window cleaner professionals can get to those second story and hard to reach windows. They will clean your window screens. Ask your window cleaners to put you on their schedule, and take that to-do off your list for next year.
We are fortunate to live in a locale lush with trees, but those tall evergreen trees on our properties require regular maintenance. Ask your tree maintenance pro to add you to their yearly maintenance schedule. Early spring is a good time to trim back fast growing Laurel or Leyland Cypress on your property. Have your tree pros inspect and remove any branches damaged in winter storms. Trim back branches close to your roof line to prevent leaves and debris accumulating on your roof or in your gutters.
With your roof, gutters and windows looking fresh and clean, your attention may turn indoors. Over the winter your garage may have become a dumping ground for winter sports equipment and all things unneeded and unloved. Once a year in the spring, schedule an appointment to tackle your garage with the help of a professional home organizer. A professional home organizer will help you sort, evaluate and organize the contents of your garage. Together, you will create zones for the contents of your garage – an area for sports equipment, gardening equipment, tools, holiday bins, or camping equipment. Your garage will again be a functional space for all your family’s needs.
Spring is here, and we look forward to being able to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends. Having taken care of your spring home maintenance, your home will be ready for barbecues and summer parties!