How I Became a Professional Organizer AMY NELSON

Amy Nelson

I didn’t plan on becoming an organizer.  I’m not a naturally organized person. Anyone who saw my room growing up or in college can attest to that!   Educating and helping people have always been my passions.   I graduated from WSU with a degree in Speech Therapy and Audiology.  Out of college I worked for the Lake Washington School District and then Seattle Children’s Hospital in the Audiology Department.  In 2005 when my son entered kindergarten I took some time off to volunteer and be a stay-at-home mom.  In 2008 I was looking for a new career when Denise (a friend) asked if I would come work for her. She had a large project and needed some assistance.  I started at Simplify with Denise the next week.   Eight years later, a name change, lots of training, education and certifications, we are still together.
I had always enjoyed watching TV shows about organizing or reading magazine articles and seeing the transformations that an organizer and team can accomplish in a few days. Learning the psychology of why we keep things and how to let go of unneeded items was very powerful.   Denise began by training me on paperwork, the retention schedules and then on the organizing process as a whole.  I have since received certifications from ICD and in 2016 I sat for my CPO Exam.  I am now a member of NAPO’s Golden Circle and enjoy attending NAPO’s annual conference.
The connection and relationship that develops is significant in the midst of the clutter and simplification.  I love the change that can be made in a person’s life 3 hours at a time. Clients are thrilled when my car is pulling out of their driveway full of unneeded items to go to donation. Clients revel in their space being clear for a new system, or to park a car in!  I have the ability to look at a room and see a new use for things.  Repurposing items to make a space functional and aesthetically pleasing is very fulfilling.  Organizing is something that I look forward to helping people with every single day.