Plastic Bag Clutter

Tissue Box Plastic Bag Holder

Many cities now have a ban on plastic bags, including mine. So when I come across stores that still use them, I tend to hang on to them because I re-use them for all sorts of things in my home. For instance, emptying the upstairs garbage cans, putting them over shoes that I’m packing in a suitcase, covering fragile plants during a freeze, or simply to carry things, the list of uses for a plastic bag go on and on. So it’s not a surprise that these bags can pile up and spill over and well, get looking cluttered and messy. I needed a way to keep them tidy and handy. I found it by taking an empty tissue box, and stuffing the bags inside the box. I only keep what fits inside, when it gets full, I don’t keep any more. When I need a bag, I just pull one out, like pulling a tissue out of the box. That messy pile of bags is now contained in a pretty tissue box. Problem solved no more messy piles of bags!