The Key to an Organized Entryway

For our family members the entryway is often a dumping ground for coats, backpacks, shoes, sports equipment, shopping bags and mail. But, our entryway may also be the first place our guests see when they visit our homes.  If your entryway is a cluttered mess, then consider the following tips.

Organized Entryway Tips

  1. If you don’t already have them, install hooks to hang coats and backpacks. If space is tight then backpacks may need to live in your child’s bedroom. A coat rack also works well.
  2. Keep only the most commonly used coats by the door. The rest can stay in the coat closet if you have one, bedroom closet if you don’t. Store off season items in a hall or bedroom closet.
  3. Consider a shoe rack or basket to contain shoes by the front door. Extra pairs of shoes can be stored in the bedroom closet and snow or rain boots can live in the garage.
  4. Consider relocating sports equipment to the garage. Install hooks for sports bags and corral sports shoes in a basket or on a shoe rack.
  5. Hats and scarves may need to live in the hall or bedroom closet. Consider a scarf hanger to keep your scarves all in one place.
  6. A flat surface or small table is really handy in the entryway. Keep a small tray for keys and sunglasses. Make it a habit to always store your keys in this spot.
  7. Mount a clock on the wall to help everyone get out of the door on time.
  8. Keep a small trash can near the entry. Recycle junk mail here and deposit bills where you pay them.
  9. Your pet deserves their own spot also! Keep one hook open for your dog’s leash and use this spot to store a baggie for treats, waste bags and portable water bowl.
  10. Declutter often! As extra items collect in the entryway, return them to their homes as soon as possible.

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