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As the dog days of summer roll past and fall is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of settling into newer, seasonal routines. Crisp fall leaves changing colors, shorter days, and cooler temperatures can teach us a lot about letting things go—including choosing to be more organized. From launching an effort to declutter overall to deep cleaning and possibly even hiring an organizer, read on for some tips to ease into the fall season with an organized home office zen. A decluttered office space will help boost your productivity and lower your stress.

Operation declutter

Before you can take on decluttering your office and work space, you have to shift to a decluttering mentality. Take a quick glance at your workplace. What leaps out at you from that cursory glance of what needs to be pared down? Make a list of those things and realistically plan for when you can start to organize things, whether it’s all in one day on a slow work day or little by little in the evening at the conclusion of the work day.

Get rid of old papers

Have stacks of paper and mail collecting everywhere? Not only can lots of old papers get in the way of being able to see your desk and be productive in your office space, they can also attract layers of dust and bugs. Create a filing system and set a goal to put away all pertinent paperwork at the end of the day. If you get a lot of mail, designate a basket for all mail and go through it regularly at the end of each day or week. For whatever else isn’t needed, run it through a paper shredder and or recycle.

Reassessing all furniture

Maybe your office furniture, whether it be your desk, chair, filing cabinet or shelves, shows a little bit of wear and tear. Or a lot of wear and tear. Be honest with yourself about what can be given away or donated. That desk that creaks whenever you place your laptop on it or that filing cabinet that now shows signs of rust and age might have passed its prime. Perhaps it’s even time to invest in some new pieces that inspire you and motivate you to get things done while working.

Take inventory of all electronics

As we are in the midst of a technological age, electronics swiftly fade out of relevance. Chances are that is the case with some electronics that are languishing around in your office. As you’re organizing for a new season, this is the time to take stock of those items. Whether it’s a calculator you’ve had since the 80s but rarely use, or extra computer screens you keep telling yourself you’ll set up but have yet to do so, the time is ripe to decide whether you’ll keep or donate. If nothing is in working condition, recycle your electronics properly rather than throwing them in your trash.

Conduct a usefulness test

Much like Marie Kondo’s “Does it spark joy?” litmus test, another way to declutter is to deploy the usefulness test. If you were to organize your closet, you’d take each item and ask yourself:  do I like it; have I worn it this past year; does it fit me. The same concepts apply to your home office. Do you like your desk? Is your office chair comfortable and does it prevent body aches after a long day of working? Maybe the rug on the floor in your office is too shaggy and attracts dirt and dust. If it’s not useful, it might be time to reconsider whether or not it belongs in your office space to begin with.

Hire an organizer

If all else fails with trying to get your office space in tip top shape as far as organizing goes, find someone to help you do all the grunt work. Hiring an organizer will allow you to outsource what might be a Herculean task to someone who is capable and experienced, making the task of it all seamless and stress-free. In addition to organizing your physical workspace, a professional organizer can assist with your e-organization as well. True productivity lies within systems and processes, and if your organization within your laptop is messy, it can be difficult to accomplish your tasks at the top of your priority list.

Learn more about how we can help you with your office organization. You spend a significant amount of time in your home office, and it deserves to be a space where productivity and creativity run high, while stress and disorganization run low.


Guest author: Haley Kieser


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