How to Make Your Sock Drawer Amazing in 10 Minutes or Less

If you are like most people, your sock drawer is an overflowing tangled mess. It is a mix of your favorite socks, old socks, uncomfortable socks, random single socks, old panty hose and who knows what else. Most days you reach in and grab a pair of socks that are near the top and hope for the best. But when you are in a hurry or when you actually need to find something in there, it can become frustrating!

Take ten minutes to organize your sock drawer!

Dump out the contents of your sock drawer on the floor. Select your favorite socks, the ones you wear most frequently – assuming they are in good condition and have their mate. Return your favorite socks to your empty sock drawer.

The rest of the socks on the floor can go into a shopping tote. Now you may have a pretty empty sock drawer, but don’t fret. As you do laundry, add clean socks pairs back into your drawer. If you come across socks with holes, toss them. If you come across socks you know are uncomfortable for whatever reason, toss them

When getting dressed, first try to grab socks out of your drawer. If you can’t find what you need, find a pair of socks in your shopping tote. When you do laundry, keep returning the socks you like to your drawer. Your drawer will fill up only with socks you actually use

In two weeks all that will be left in your shopping tote are socks you will likely never wear. Provided that your sock drawer contains enough socks for your needs, feel free to toss or donate what is left in the tote.

Enjoy your newly organized sock drawer. For an even more organized sock drawer, check out this sock organizer!


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