Alicia’s Favorite Things: Organize, Measure, Maximize, Go Clear and Label

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Organize, Measure, Maximize, Go Clear and Label

Alicia’s Favorite Things

One of my favorite aspects of being a Professional Organizer is product. That is the fun part right!? I love finding simple, uncomplicated solutions to help keep my own house and family organized. I have been part of the Simplify Experts team for over 4 years now and my professional organizing experience has allowed me to see what products and systems work well in client’s homes. One of my greatest joys is walking into The Container Store (are you cringing?) and browsing through the perfectly organized rows of containers just waiting to make all my organizing dreams come true. Did I mention I love product? Clients often say they become overwhelmed with the abundance of choices that organizing product retailers have to offer and they end up leaving or buying something that doesn’t fit or work for their specific needs.

I would love to share my favorite finds and product solutions with you in hopes of taking the guess work and dread out of the equation and inspiring easy and affordable changes to keep life running smoothly.

Before I dive into bins, let’s go over the rules when shopping for product:

1. Be sure to organize the space first and purge items that are no longer useful. This includes the containers that are not doing the job effectively. Why spend money on storing items that don’t serve your needs any longer?

2. Make sure you measure the space before embarking on a trip to the organizing store or online. This will save you the disappointment of the (fill in the blank) not achieving the function you intended it for and a trip back to the store.

3. Buy something that maximizes the space effectively. I like to make sure no vertical space gets left behind! If you have room to double stack bins make sure to find a stackable solution that will fit the height of the space.


4. For under cabinets, pantry, closets, play rooms, and garage storage, go clear! Unless you are storing holiday (use color coded bins), clear bins are the way to go.










5. I think the most important step is to label! For most situations we use .47” wide laminated white label tape. The white, shiny background allows the black text to pop and is easier to see. For larger bins (think garage storage), we use adhesive shipping labels. If you have decorative bins, we have found bin clips work well and they come in a variety of styles.

Organize, Measure, Maximize, Go Clear and Label

Now that you know the rules for buying and incorporating organizing products into your space, try searching The Container Store or Storables website for sizing and style before venturing out. Both retailers offer online ordering and store pick-up service. This is a great option for avoiding the temptation to over buy and you can narrow down the options all while binge watching a Netflix original series. Once you arrive to pick up your order and the style or quality isn’t right, you then have the opportunity to exchange the item out right then and there.

Don’t forget to bring your measurements with you!

We hope this process will help alleviate any store inducing anxiety and post purchase letdown. And if the smell of new plastic bins and making labels is not your forte, let a Simplify Experts organizer handle the process for you!

Stay tuned for more Simplify Experts product reviews and solutions!

Author: Alicia Lott

March 29, 2018