How to Bring Your Goals Closer With a Vision Board

What is a Vision Board and how can it help you reach a goal?

A vision board is simply a visual expression of a goal or outcome you wish to reach. Many interior designers use vision boards to give concrete layout and color scheme ideas to clients who want to transform a space. In the context we are using vision boards, we are giving form to a state of mind or goal. It can also bring understanding to shifts in our lives where we perceive that something is off but are not quite sure what that is.

Who would benefit from making a vision board and how does it apply to home organizing?

Many of our wonderful clients are very creative and visual thinkers; we are also generally overburdened in one or more areas in our lives. If you identified with the “The Easily Distracted” personality type, displaying your vision board in a prominent place can serve as a reminder of the goal or mindset. In the moments of overwhelm we all experience, it becomes your visual queue to stay in the right frame of mind and shift your perspective on the task(s) at hand. When we have a goal in mind along with a positive mentality, we become more energized, making tasks less daunting. Not only that, but the process of creating a vision board gives us better clarity as to what it is we are trying to accomplish.

How do you make a Vision Board?

Making a vision board is as unique as the person creating it, but there are some basic tools and guidelines you can use. Some of the things you will need include; white poster-board (about 11×17 in), scissors, glue stick and old magazines or catalogues.
Start by sitting down for 15 minutes and writing some visions you have for yourself, either in your personal or professional life. The concept is to bring some awareness to what it is you are trying to achieve.

Some good questions to ask yourself might be:
  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What do I want to attract?
  • What do I need to release or let go of?


You can also make a list of five strength-based qualities that describe yourself. As you browse through magazines, cut or tear out anything that jumps out at you. The trick is trying not to overthink it. After you have gathered more tidbits of inspiration, start arranging them on the paper in a collage format until you are satisfied with the result and can begin gluing. Let the process carry you and keep an open mind, free of judgement. You may be happily surprised with the end result. Tapping into your creative brain may just be the trick you need to set you on your path to reveal your best you!

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Author: Alison Grabicki

Alison Grabicki

Alison Grabicki