How I Became a Professional Organizer – MARGIE FORTMAN

Becoming a professional organizer has been the smoothest, most enjoyable job introduction I have ever experienced, because what I do for clients is an extension of what I instinctively do elsewhere in my life everyday—organize and simplify!

I remember, as a child, organizing my books by height on the bookshelf and rearranging my bedroom furniture to reflect my changing tastes and needs as I grew older. I discovered that order and simplicity were easier to maintain, and changes were easier to implement, if I worked on small tasks regularly rather than monumental tasks in times of desperation. The skills I developed earlier in life have helped me raise children in a chaos-free environment, survive multiple moves with minimal stress, and directed me to an incredibly rewarding career path. Those skills have helped me on a smaller scale as well, such as avoiding library fines, keeping track of all those PTA and permission forms, and keeping socks as happy couples!

I became a professional organizer because I wanted to spend my working hours doing what I love and also what comes instinctively for me. I knew I would enjoy the organizational aspect of working for Simplify Experts. What I didn’t expect were all the amazing clients and coworkers with whom I have the pleasure of interacting. Each encounter with a client is a challenging opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Witnessing the progress made on a project is extremely fulfilling and satisfying. We have an amazing team at Simplify Experts, and I am thrilled to be part of the team!