How to Get Your Partner On Board for Professional Organizing

We often hear “How do I get my spouse to buy into hiring a professional organizer?” They have a variety of concerns, such as the time it will take, or the cost, or having to get rid of their stuff. They could be embarrassed to have someone see their cluttered home. It’s possible they consider asking for help a weakness. They don’t understand that it is an investment that will lower their stress levels or give them more free time. He or she may also ask, “Why can’t we just do this ourselves?”

What Are the Health Benefits of an Organized Home?

A home that is free of clutter and has organized spaces is beneficial to one’s mental and physical health. The Mayo Clinic details how an organized home brings down stress levels and helps you focus, among other benefits. It’s also easier to maintain: the average American home contains 300,000 items! Consider being able to actually park your car in the garage. Or looking for something in your kitchen and finding it in five seconds instead of 30 minutes, or never. Imagine coming home and feeling calm and content in your environment, instead of anxious and stressed out about the clutter lining the hallways or all over the living room.

Have You Hired Experts Before?

Have you hired pros to install an in-ground sprinkler system, do your taxes, tutor your children, or design your website? This wouldn’t be any different. Hiring a professional organizer means you’ve hired an expert to declutter and organize your home, to help you set up systems to manage and maintain your organized home, and to mentor you on these skills. This expert will work with you in your home, and the service is completely customized to your needs, your lifestyle, and your goals. Also consider that a professional organizer can accomplish in three hours what would take you 9-12 hours.

Are They Willing to Try One Session?

While your partner may be nervous about committing to a multi-hour package, they may be convinced to try one three-hour session to tackle a project you both have an investment in. It could be decluttering a spare room to set up a nursery, organizing a hobby room/area, or organizing the boxes, tools, sports gear, and bikes in the garage. When he or she sees the benefits within others—your happiness and lowered stress levels, for instance—it helps them to see the benefits for themselves.

Could This Really Change Your Life?

We’ll let some of our past clients share their experiences with hiring a professional organizer:

“Within just a couple of sessions…the house was transformed. We worked quickly and then she took care of the donation and sensitive document shredding deliveries. After the purging, she organized and labeled what remained in the closets and on shelves, so it will be easier for my entire family–including the kids–to maintain.” —Janice V.

“Working with [them] truly changed my life. Not only did [they] help me sort through all the clutter and take it all away, she also helped me get realistic systems in place so I’d never get so buried again. Working with this company was a total joy and one of the best things I ever did for myself and my family.” —Amy G.

“I can’t emphasize enough what a positive experience this was…Before working with this company, we had near-daily challenges such as kids not being able to find their shoes and jackets. Cleaning up the house was very difficult because of all the clutter. Now our home is beautifully organized, and daily routines are much easier. There are no more last minute struggles to find jackets or homework, because there is a place for everything. I feel like the investment in working with [them] has been much more valuable than any other home related project I could imagine.” —Andrea U.


Think of this as part of your home improvement and personal goals, and how satisfying it will feel once the project is completed. It’s a worthy investment and you—and your family—are worth it. The time you’ll save and the improvement on your home and work life opens you up to a calmer, happier, and less-stressed state. You’ll have more free time to enjoy your home, entertain, and relax. Who wouldn’t buy into that?